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Disney Channel Child Actors And What They’re Up To Now



I was scrolling through Instagram recently, and I was shocked to find out that one of the child actors I watched on Disney Channel growing up had graduated from college.

CBC / Via

This got me wondering what other Disney Channel actors I had forgotten about were doing years after their shows ended. Here’s what I found:


Bridget Mendler, aka Teddy in Good Luck Charlie

Disney (L), Bridget Mendler (R) / Via

Mendler, who is known for her role as a goody-two-shoes big sister in Good Luck Charlie, is currently a PhD student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab. She is working on using technology to help governments better engage with their citizens.


Genevieve Hannelius, aka Avery Jennings in Dog with a Blog

Disney (L), Genevieve Hannelius (R) / Via

Hannelius, who played the responsible sibling in Dog with a Blog, started her own cruelty-free nail polish line, G Polish. She also graduated from Sarah Lawrence College this year and runs a lifestyle YouTube channel.


Blake Michael, aka Charlie Delgado in Lemonade Mouth

Disney (L), Blake Michael (R) / Via

Since Michael played the role of the drum player in the Lemonade Mouth band, he has continued acting in and directing various productions. He is also working with an influencer business platform to help online creators grow their brands.


Tyrel Jackson Williams, aka Leo Dooley in Lab Rats

Disney (L), Grouptherapy (R) / Via

Williams has continued to act since his time on Lab Rats, but he has also joined Grouptherapy, a pop music collective, where he sings and raps with two other child stars turned musicians.


Raviv Ullman, aka Phil in Phil of the Future

Disney (L), Raviv Ullman (R) / Via

Ullman, who played a teenager from the year 2121 in Phil of the Future, hosts The Study, a podcast where he and other hosts discuss the Torah.


Sophie Oda, aka Barbara Brownstein in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Disney (L), Sophie Oda (R) / Via

Oda, who played Cody’s girlfriend in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, started her own Depop vintage clothing boutique, Public Secret. She also has a YouTube channel where she sings and shares stories from when she was on Disney Channel.


Jake Short, aka Fletcher Quimby in A.N.T. Farm

Disney (L), Jake Short (R) / Via Instagram: @jakeshort

Short, who is known for his role as an artistic genius student in A.N.T. Farm, is now starring in a British sitcom about a soccer team called The First Team.


Anna Maria Perez de Tagle-Kline, aka Ashley Dewitt in Hannah Montana

Disney (L), Anna Maria PDT (R) / Via

Since her roles in Hannah Montana and Camp Rock, Perez de Tagle-Kline got married and started a makeup tutorial YouTube channel. She also gave birth to her first child in June.


Bradley Steven Perry, aka Gabe Duncan in Good Luck Charlie

Disney (L), Bradley Steven Perry (R) / Via

Perry, who was known for being Teddy’s pesky younger brother in Good Luck Charlie, just graduated from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts.


Davis Cleveland, aka Flynn Jones in Shake it Up!

Disney (L), Davis Cleveland (R) / Via

Cleveland, who played CeCe’s goofy 8-year-old brother, is 19 years old now. He’s studying at Texas A&M University in the department of psychological and brain sciences.


Raini Rodriguez, aka Trish in Austin & Ally


Skai Jackson, aka Zuri Ross in Jessie


Giovonnie Samuels, aka Nia Moseby in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Disney (L), Giovonnie Samuels (R) / Via

Samuels, who played Mr. Moseby’s niece and temporarily replaced Ashley Tisdale in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, started an acting workshop company where she and other coaches give people acting tips and advice.


Carlon Jeffery, aka Cameron Parks in A.N.T. Farm

Disney (L), Carlon Jeffery (R) / Via

Jeffery, who played Chyna’s older, less intelligent brother in A.N.T. Farm, is now a 27-year-old father, acting coach, and rapper. He also appears on a podcast where he discusses NBA news with other hosts.


Hayley Kiyoko, aka Stella Yamada in Lemonade Mouth


Roshon Fegan, aka Sander Loyer in Camp Rock

Disney (L), Roshon Fegan (R) / Via

Fegan, who played an upbeat dancer and musician in Camp Rock, is now part of a rap duo called Evo Invasion. Since his appearances on Disney Channel, Fegan also competed in a season of Dancing with the Stars.

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Cher Instead Of Aaliyah In Queen Of The Damned




“There she is sitting in this chair.”

You probably know that Queen of the Damned, the 2002 vampire horror film, also marked singer and actor Aaliyah’s final role as Akasha before she tragically died in a plane crash in 2001.

Warner Brothers / Courtesy Everett Collection

In an oral history for Vulture detailing the making of the film, director Michael Rymer revealed that, before Aaliyah was cast, Cher was actually in consideration for the role as well.

Amy Sussman / Getty Images

“I had a number of meetings with actresses, including Cher,” Rymer claimed. “I drove out to her Malibu house and went through this vast series of Spanish Colonial rooms. There she is sitting in this chair, and she really was already quite a viable Akasha.”

Tara Ziemba / Getty Images

Ultimately, however, Rymer chose Aaliyah: “I just had a very strong belief that if we were going to do African queens, we had to have a person of color. I said that to the studio, and we made these long lists — Halle Berry, Regina King, an embarrassment of riches.”

Warner Brothers / Courtesy Everett Collection

Rymer later states that Aaliyah was “lovely” to work with and claims that, to prepare her for the audition process, he had Aaliyah “[recite] Oscar Wilde in a very exaggerated Egyptian accent, crawling around on her knees like a calf.”

Warner Bros / Courtesy Everett Collection

Read the entire oral history here.

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Kodak Black & Supa Cindy Hosted An Event In Miami (Video)




If it’s one thing Kodak Black is going to do, it’s give back to his community! Yesterday alongside radio personality Supa Cindy they hosted an event at Ives Estates Park in Miami to spotlight over 20 women who are currently battling breast cancer or have beaten the disease. Women attending the event received wigs, cash gifts, and even a journal with a note from Kodak, according to Local 10 news.

Kodak spoke about the women at the event, saying, “I know they’ll appreciate it. I want to show these women they’re queens, they’re strong, and they’re going to get through it. Pray with them. We’re going to get through it together.” Taressa Hall, who is currently fighting breast cancer, said the event meant a lot to her. “It makes me continue to fight. It encourages me to go through this journey, continue through this journey, and it encourages me to be a witness to other people that we all can survive,” said Taressa. 

Kodak has continued to donate to worthy causes all year. As we previously reported in September, he donated $20,000 towards the passing of a Florida police officer who died after contracting COVID-19. Kodak Black was apparently so moved by the story of Fort Lauderdale police officer Jennifer Sepot, he donated the money to her  2-year-old daughter to help secure her future

Even while he was behind bars in February he offered to pay college tuition for the children of two FBI agents who were fatally shot in the line of duty. Kodak’s goal was to ensure that the families impacted by this loss didn’t have to worry about sending their kids to college.

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Amanda Seyfried Got COVID-19 Before Oscar Nomination




It was “really stressful.”

After testing positive for COVID-19, Amanda Seyfried couldn’t celebrate her first Oscar nomination for her supporting role in Mank like she wanted to.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

The actor revealed how she learned that she had COVID during a recent appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Tristan Fewings / Getty Images for Jaeger-LeCoultre

“I turned my phone off the night before because I was like, ‘If anyone’s going to tell me I got an Academy Award nomination or didn’t, I want it to be my mother,’” she said.

Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

“But I was also sleeping in because I had a tough case of COVID.”

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

However, when Seyfried learned she was up for an Oscar, she started doing interviews with the press. Although it was supposed to be a great time for her, she said that her sickness made it “one of the worst moments of [her] life.”

John Shearer / Getty Images

Seyfried explained that she didn’t want to tell anyone about her illness “because [of] clickbait and stuff like that.”

Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

But luckily for Seyfried, she got vaccinated just two days before testing positive. “It’s great to have both, apparently,” she joked. “Hybrid immunity.”

Rodin Eckenroth / Getty Images

Seyfried also said the whole experience was “really stressful” before “all of a sudden, this amazing career-changing thing happens.”

John Phillips / Getty Images

But I’m just glad that she’s doing better now. You can see her recall the whole entire story below:

View this video on YouTube

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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