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How Dressing Up For An Interview Could Win You The Job Of Your Dreams – Essentially Pop



Dear guys, this one is for you! With so many businesses hiring right now, interview rates are off the charts, and there’s a good chance that you could be hired for the job of your dreams – whatever that might be.

Job interviews, especially ones that have a significant impact on your career in the long run, are a mental blur when you think of the sequence of events. The anxiety, the initial handshake, the eye contact, the confident smiles, and all of the questions – it can be daunting to prepare for. However, one thing you shouldn’t have to worry over is what to wear for a job interview.

When picking out interview clothes, it’s important to remember that you don’t always have to wear a business suit for an interview. Dream jobs vary from one person to the next, so your prospective workplace might jive with the formality of a suit and tie.

In this article, we cover some tips to help you “dress for success”, as the saying goes. It might lead you to being hired for your dream job.

Simple and Professional are the Criteria Your Interview Ensemble Should Strive for

Don’t go crazy with patterns or designs. Your interview wear should be professional, clean, and neat, but solidly coloured to keep attention on you and not your outfit. Go with simplicity. You can either wear business casual or formal business attire, but you should keep in mind that a good first impression is paramount to the hiring process.

Your aim for interview clothing should be a professional look that says that you want the job. You are serious about the interview and dedicated to putting your best foot forward to accomplish being hired.

Accessories? Keep Them to a Bare Minimum

Choose your accessories carefully. Unless your job involves an alternative dress code, take out any facial piercings and ensure visible tattoos are covered. Also, as a side note, the business will address piercings and tattoos in their dress code policies. Make sure your prospective boss is aware of any body art or modifications that you might wear on a daily basis. Some businesses are more progressive in their dress codes than others.

Your interview ensemble should look tied together. So, if you wear a black business suit or dress, consider wearing a silver watch or necklace to complement the outfit. It’s simple, subtle, and classy.

Opt for Neutral Tones with a Simple, Quick Pop of Colour

Neutral tones are black, grey, beige, and some blues. These are simple, solid tones that can be easily dressed up with a pop of colour. Remember that colours have meanings. So, a calming navy blue with an accessory of light blue might represent calm and peace.

Smile – Be Confident in Your Appearance and Stand Tall

When going in for a job interview, make a good first impression by being aware of your posture and expressions. Smile easily and stand tall to promote an image of confidence.

Other ways to exude confidence for a job interview include:

  • Don’t fidget. If you’re nervous, it will show in the shaking of your legs or the movement of your hands. Try to breathe deep and remain calm.
  • Make and maintain good eye contact. Keep natural, stable eye contact as someone is speaking with you. It conveys trust and respect.
  • Practice a good, firm handshake to express confidence and enthusiasm in the potential position.

Be Attentive to the Business Dress Code

What are your future colleagues wearing? What are the dos and don’ts of dress in the employee handbook? You can easily find out all of this information online, through a business website, or through stopping by the check out the building before your interview.

If you have doubts about what to wear, contact the Human Resources Manager to get an idea of a dress code. They can give you an idea of the kind of business you have an interview with, as well as what would be most appropriate to wear for an interview.

You Can Be Comfortable and Still Dress to Impress for the Job of Your Dreams

You should never feel pressured to wear something that makes you uncomfortable. So, when shopping for interview attire, try on your choices to ensure optimum comfort and confidence. Remember that your first impression is as much about your personality as it is about your look, so let your knowledge and positive attitude speak volumes about who you are.

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Jeopardy! And the PR Nightmare that Sony Enabled – Essentially Pop




The death last November of legendary Jeopardy host, Alex Trebek, left a huge void. The search for the person to fill that void generated considerable publicity. Several distractions appeared along the way to the beginning of season 38, the first without Trebek, that have overshadowed the excitement of the start of a new era. The carryover of reigning champion Matt Amodio’s 18-game winning streak into the new season was also pushed to the back page.

The Start of the Search

The search that led to the rise and fall of Mike Richards as Jeopardy host, was a huge story in the television world. When Alex Trebek passed from cancer at the age of 80, the buzz started as to who would replace him. The search for the new host of the beloved game show was highly publicized and took months. A series of guest hosts helmed the program while Sony Pictures hunted for the permanent replacement.

Focus groups were brought in, Sony executives weighed in and many candidates were vetted. As the executive producer of Jeopardy, Mike Richards headed the search process. Naturally, when Richards was named the new host, controversy erupted. The media questioned whether Richards hired himself, overlooking the fact that he may well have been the best choice for the job. Sony themselves mentioned he wasn’t part of the process once he was eligible.


As Sony prepared to shoot the first week of the new season with Richards as host, a story came out concerning a wrongful termination suit filed against The Price Is Right while he was executive producer of. Sony was aware of the suit when Richards was named host but did nothing to get out in front of it.

After the news came out about a podcast show Richards had been a part of nearly a decade before. It was reported that Richards had perceived negative comments in a failed comedy attempt. Although this story made a splash, Sony most likely became aware of it during the vetting process. Production of the first week of episodes went ahead with Sony refraining from publicly addressing the issue. Richards issued a public apology and agreed to sensitivity training. He nevertheless decided to step down as host after the first week because he wanted the attention to be on the show and not himself.

The Firing

Mike Richards took himself out as Jeopardy host almost as soon as he began. Sony once again took a quiet approach until deciding to fire Richards as executive producer. The season continued production with former Big Bang Theory star, MayimBialik and former Jeopardy contestant, Ken Jennings sharing hosting duties. The damage, however, had already been done.

The Aftermath

Though Jeopardy will continue, the big story surrounding it has been the controversy the have allowed to continue. During his turn at the podium, Richards did an outstanding job, but Sony’s failure to get in front of this caused it to be to focal point instead of an upbeat story of the next phase of a legendary game show becoming the story of yet another celebrity that is being attacked by Twitter. A real opportunity was lost.

Only the executives who run Sony know why the studio chose to let the Mike Richards saga play out with no input from them. They may have feared a public backlash, but perhaps, should have considered that before making their choice. In the end, Jeopardy will continue its legacy, but without a man who may have proved to be an excellent permanent host.

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Beyonce Reflects On Turning 40, “I’ve made it to the other side of my sacrifice”




Earlier this month, Beyonce turned 40, a milestone that has made her reflect on her life, career, and maturation as a human and an artist. On social media, she wrote, “There’s a freedom and liberation knowing that I’ve made it to the other side of my sacrifice. I’m finally giving myself permission to enjoy the seeds I’ve worked so hard to plant my whole life.”

The most important lesson Beyonce wrote she has learned is how fragile life really is and how important it can be “to stop and smell the roses during the good times. I thought I knew that at 21 or 30…but I didn’t. The more mature I become, the more I understand and the deeper my joy grows.”

The entertainer, influencer, and businesswoman also rightly affirmed that there is nothing wrong with getting older, telling her critics, “Whoever tried to condition women to feel that we are supposed to feel old or unhappy when we turn 40 got it ALL THE WAY F’d UP.”

Happy belated birthday, Beyonce! We wish you nothing but even more wild success in the future!

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David Brookings Releases New Music – Essentially Pop




Long ago, when David Brookings was an 11 year old in Richmond, VA making his live performance debut singing the first song he ever wrote, he probably never imagined that he’d be releasing a full length album in honour of the event called ‘Mania at the Talent Show’, it’s ironic that the first song he wrote was called ‘All I’ll Ever Want’. Now years later he’s releasing two preview tracks for the record.

The first of these tracks is called ‘Hard Times’ and is very much a song of social commentary. It perfectly conjures the feelings of uncertainty that we all have as we emerge from a global pandemic. This is very much epitomised by lyrics like “heaven help you if you sneeze” and “these are strange days, there’s an outrage”. But the complexity of how we are all feeling is balanced by more positive thoughts like “feel the wind though the trees” and “everything’s fine”. I’m sure everyone can relate to the “hard times” David is singing about. We are moving freely but there’s still uncertainty, we are not sure if we should wear a mask or not. Just the fact that we have to think so hard about every human interaction makes these hard times and that feeling is captured perfectly in the lyrics of the song. The fact that this veteran indie pop rocker puts these lyrics to an infectious, nostalgic nineties brit pop backdrop which seems to hark back to less complicated easier times, makes the dichotomy beautifully balanced.

The second track comes from a completely different mind-setbut one that is equally fraught. How do we ever really get over a first love. Can we ever really stop comparing everything that comes later to something that we increasingly think of as better than it really was. ‘Get Off (My Mind)’ sets this youthful melancholy and mature reflection to a more upbeat 60’s influential melody reminiscent of The Zombies or early 70’s ELO. No real surprise then that Brookings was inspired heavily by his parents record collection and repeat viewings of The Monkees. The irony of a song that pines after a love “flying strong” in his mind like “a ghost” is ironic from a guy who’s been happily married for 16 years. L

David Brookings has lived in many places in The States and even worked at Sun Studios, famous for Elvis and Johhny Cash, and he seems to have taken colours and tone from every place he’s lived, like an artist with a palette. All of this experience and musical saturation will come together in November with the release of the album but for now, this preview glimpse certainly whets the appetite.

David says: “I enjoy taking artistic license with stories inspired by my life. I look at music differently than I did when my first record came out, and I’m proud of my development as a songwriter. I try to always write about different, interesting things, projecting myself as a character in various situations and creating an interesting musical movie around that.”

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