10 Franchises That Should Be Resurrected For Next-Gen

Over time, some video game series just fade into the background. Even the most highly acclaimed blockbusters can go dormant, and new juggernauts rise to take their place in the industry landscape. But that doesn’t mean your forgotten favorites are gone forever; they may come back when the time is right, revitalized and better than ever. The transition to a new hardware generation is the perfect opportunity for this kind of rebirth, combining untapped potential with familiar properties to make the old feel new.

But what long-lost series should make a comeback? We’re not talking about things like Metroid and BioShock; we already know they have confirmed entries in development. We’re talking about neglected franchises that, despite the odds, we’re hoping against hope to see again soon. Here are 10 of our top picks, and why now is the right time to bring them back.

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Written by Da Mixx

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