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17 Songs About Famous People



Lauryn Hill’s 1998 hit “Ex-Factor” is about her affair with fellow Fugees member Wyclef Jean.


Taylor Swift’s “Style” from her legendary album 1989 is allegedly about her early 2010s romance with Harry Styles.

Big Machine / David Krieger / Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images

In a 2020 interview, when asked about Taylor Swift’s songs about him, Styles said: “I think about what it means to me to write a song about somebody else and for somebody else to do that — it’s, like, flattering, even if the song isn’t that flattering. You still spent time on it. And, ultimately, using Taylor as an example, she’s a great songwriter. So, at least they’re good songs.”


“Obsessed” by Mariah Carey is about her infamous feud with Eminem. After she claimed over and over again they never dated, Eminem persisted they did, and Carey released this hell of a diss track.

Island / David M. Benett / Getty Images


Amy Winehouse’s “Me & Mr. Jones” from her final studio album, Back to Black, is about her relationship with Nas. She even references their shared birthday (Sept. 14) in the lyric: “Mr. Destiny 9 and 14, nobody stands in between me and my man.”

Sylvia Linares / FilmMagic / Getty Images

Nas said in a 2011 interview: “I don’t really remember if Salaam (Winehouse’s producer), who was really close to her [introduced us], if he told me about it or not. I don’t remember right now. But I heard a lot about it before I even heard the song.”


Lauryn Hill’s “Ex-Factor” from her Grammy Award–winning album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, is about her affair and tumultuous breakup with fellow Fugees member Wyclef Jean.

Ruffhouse / Columbia / Paul Natkin / Getty Images

The first track from Hill’s Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, “Lost Ones,” is also allegedly about her relationship with Jean.


Kurt Cobain wrote the 1993 Nirvana hit “Heart-Shaped Box” about Courtney Love’s vagina.

DGC / Kevin Mazur / Getty Images


Katy Perry revealed in a 2008 interview that her first major hit, “I Kissed a Girl,” was inspired by Scarlett Johansson.

Capitol / NBC / Getty Images

Perry said: “I was with my boyfriend at the time, and I said to him, ‘I’m not going to lie: If Scarlett Johansson walked into the room and wanted to make out with me, I would make out with her. I hope you’re okay with that.'”


Nick Jonas wrote the Jonas Brothers song “Lovebug” about his relationship with Miley Cyrus in the mid-2000s.

Hollywood / Mathew Imaging / Getty Images

In the Jonas Brothers’ 2019 documentary Chasing Happiness, Kevin Jonas confirmed Nick wrote “Lovebug” about Miley Cyrus. He said: “That [relationship] changed girls for Nick forever — he met Miley. I think that kid’s head exploded.”


“I Need a Girl (Part One)” by Diddy is partially about his 2001 breakup from Jennifer Lopez after dating on and off for a few years.

Bad Boy / Arista / KMazur / Getty Images


Little Mix’s “Shout Out to my Ex” is allegedly about Perrie Edwards’ breakup with Zayn Malik in 2015. Only a few months after Malik broke off their engagement via text message, he started dating Gigi Hadid.

Syco / Darren Gerrish / Getty Images


Green Day’s classic song “Holiday,” from their album American Idiot, is about George W. Bush. In a concert, Billie Joe Armstrong introduced the song as, “a big ‘Fuck you!’ to George W. Bush.”

Reprise / WEA / William B. Plowman / Getty Images


Lil’ Kim released “Black Friday” in 2011 in response to Nicki Minaj’s song “Roman’s Revenge,” which was allegedly about the ’90s rapper. The title “Black Friday” is a direct diss toward Minaj’s debut album, Pink Friday.

I.R.S. Records / Young Money / Cash Money / Universal Motown


Lenny Kravitz wrote “It Ain’t Over ’til It’s Over,” from his 1991 album Mama Said, about getting divorced from his then-wife, Lisa Bonet.

Virgin / Vinnie Zuffante / Getty Images

In a 2018 interview with Rolling Stone, Kravitz said: “I wrote that to my ex-wife [Lisa Bonet]. We were going through our break-off, which led to a divorce. We had our child [Zoë Kravitz] and a great life together. We were sort of mirror images of each other; she was the female version of me and I was the male version of her, and we blended together — so, it was a very difficult time.”


Stevie Nicks wrote “Landslide” about her difficult breakup with Lindsey Buckingham in 1974 just before they joined Fleetwood Mac.

Michael Ochs Archives / GAB Archive / Getty Images

On Oprah’s Master Class, Nicks revealed the real inspiration behind writing “Landslide.” She said that in 1974, her romantic relationship with Buckingham was turning unhealthy and stressful. She considered going back to school if their music career never panned out, and claimed that the year before she and Buckingham joined Fleetwood Mac was a tumultuous one. “This didn’t do a lot for our relationship,” Nicks said, “because fear never helps relationships, and when you’re scared about where your next money is coming from, it’s really nerve-racking.”


Diana Ross’s 1984 hit “Missing You” was written by Lionel Richie in honor of their late friend, Marvin Gaye, who had been murdered five months earlier. The music video contains old concert clips of Ross performing with Gaye, filled with pure and utter joy.


Carole King wrote “You’ve Got a Friend” for James Taylor in response to his song “Fire and Rain.” She wrote it when she heard Taylor sing, “I’ve seen lonely times when I could not find a friend.”

Keystone / Christopher Polk / Getty Images


Florence Welch wrote Florence + the Machine’s 2018 song “Patricia” about her admiration for legendary rock ‘n’ roller Patti Smith.

Pacific Press / Tom Hill / Getty Images

In a 2018 interview with Rolling Stone, Welch recalled the process of writing “Patricia.” She said: “When I was making High as Hope, I was thinking about how to live creatively without chaos. [Patti Smith’s] writing was like a blueprint. She seems to bring such reverence to the act of living that I find so inspiring. I could just read her write about her morning coffee for pages.”


And “Ms. Jackson” by Outkast is André 3000’s apology to Erykah Badu’s mom for the breakup between the two hip-hop artists.

Arista / LaFace / Kedar Records

In an interview with Rap Radar, Badu revealed how she felt when she first heard “Ms. Jackson.” She said, “I still kind of had a sore spot — I didn’t wanna hear that. But when I heard André’s verse, I felt very good because his verse was really, really inspiring. He just told [us] how he felt, and I’ve always respected that and listened to what he felt and appreciated it.”

What’s *your* favorite popular song written about a celebrity? Let us know in the comments below!

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Taylor Swift’s USA Olympics Gymnastics Team Message




Taylor Swift is here for the USA Olympic gymnastics team.

Jmenternational / JMEnternational for BRIT Awards / Getty Images

The pop superstar lent her voice to a promo for the Tokyo Olympics women’s all-around gymnastics finals set to air later tonight, recapping the USA team’s journey so far.

They’ve worked for this.
They’ve dreamed about this.
They belong here.

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves, @taylorswift13.

The #TokyoOlympics women’s all-around. 8 p.m. ET tonight. NBC and

@NBCOlympics / Via / NBCOlympics/status/1420802296187871242

“Life can surprise you,” Swift begins over footage of the team training. “It can humble you. It can test you. It can inspire you.”

Loic Venance / AFP via Getty Images

“They didn’t expect this to be the story, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t ready for the spotlight.”

Ulrik Pedersen / NurPhoto via Getty Images

Swift is more than likely referring to Simone Biles’ withdrawal from the all-around Olympic final; teammates Suni Lee and Jade Carey have stepped up to replace her since.

“They’ve worked for this. They’ve dreamed about this. They belong here.”

Sergei Bobylev / Sergei Bobylev/TASS

“So don’t be surprised when the story takes flight from here.”

Ulrik Pedersen / NurPhoto via Getty Images

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Florida Reports Over 16,000 New COVID-19 Cases Within 48-Hour Period—State Now Has Highest Numbers Since January




Roommates, Florida is currently at the center of very alarming COVID-19 numbers, the state currently leads the nation with over 16,000 new cases reported within the last 48 hours. Additionally, on July 27th, Florida reported over 12,000 new COVID-19 cases for seven consecutive days in a row.

These latest cases now brings Florida’s seven-day average of new cases to a total of 13,502. The state has also reported 92 deaths on Tuesday and a weekly average of 57 deaths, according to new data from the CDC.

To put Florida’s COVID-19 cases into numerical perspective, across the nation an estimated 80,701 new cases were reported Tuesday—meaning that the state of Florida accounted for around 20% of the newly reported cases. Additionally, the 92 reported deaths in the state represented around were about 22% of the COVID-19 deaths throughout the country.

Meanwhile, Florida’s Broward County School System recently announced that all students will be required to wear masks at the start of the new school year and Miami-Dade Public Schools will require masks on buses, as they make a formal decision on mask requirements on school campus.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been in the middle of intense criticism for his anti-mask stance and his refusal to reinstate wearing masks in public places and making it mandatory for all schools.

“We in Florida, to this point, our school districts have proposed mask-optional (policies.) But I think our fear is that, seeing some of those rumblings, that there’d be an attempt from the federal level or even some of these organizations to try to push for mandatory masking of school children,” he said during a recent press conference.


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Saweetie Collabs With McDonald’s For New “Chaotic” Meal




“McDonald’s employees gonna be FED TF UP.”

Earlier today, McDonald’s announced that they’ll be teaming up with Saweetie for their new celebrity meal collaboration.

The fast-food chain said the Saweetie meal will consist of a “Big Mac, four-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, medium Sprite, Tangy BBQ Sauce and ‘Saweetie ‘N Sour’ Sauce,” which is basically Sweet ‘N Sour Sauce.

@XXL / Via Twitter: @XXL

And you’ll also get a chance to remix the meal in four different ways.

@XXL / Via Twitter: @XXL

But even though this sounds exciting, fans couldn’t help but express their disappointment about how complicated Saweetie’s new menu is.

@papipompis / Via Twitter: @papipompis

@XXL this shit is mad wild, the laziest combos i’ve ever seen, top bun missing? just nuggets over fries like they steak fries from the taco truck 😂🤣 just patties with fries 🤷🏾‍♂️ who eats like that?

@MyImmatureMind / Via Twitter: @MyImmatureMind

The limited-time meal also comes with “icy new packaging,” which is inspired by Saweetie’s 2018 breakout song, “Icy Grl.”

“McDonald’s and I run deep — from growing up back in Hayward, California, all through my college days — so I had to bring my icy gang in on my all-time favorites,” Saweetie said about her new meal in a statement.

“Depending on the mood I’m in, there are so many ways to enjoy my order. I like to keep things fresh,” she added along with her “Fast (Motion)” lyric, “I know that’s right.”

The “Saweetie Meal” will be available on August 9. If it’s anything like the BTS, Travis Scott, and J Balvin meal, then you know it’ll sell out fast.

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