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Songstress Becky Hill has joined forces with David Guetta for their brand-new single titled ‘Remember’. This highly catch track is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms.

‘Remember’ is the perfect song for your summer playlists. It will have you itching to get back to a festival and vibe with fellow music lovers. The single was co-written by Becky Hill and co-produced by the fantastic David Guetta. It will be featured on Becky’s upcoming album, giving us an insight as to where the sound of the album will be going. It follows the release of her previous single ‘Better Off Without You’ which features Shift K3Y. This track is now certified platinum after accumulating an astonishing 600,000 sales!

When talking about ‘Remember’, Becky Hill explains;

“My whole career has built up to this moment! I have a sure-fire single with David Guetta, and an album I’ve spent my whole adult life making finally coming out. I’ve grafted and strived to reach this milestone for a few years now, and my patience has definitely been tested! But it’s definitely been worth the wait, as my creativity and vision for the album has now come to full fruition. It’s been an honour to collaborate with David Guetta on this release too. I feel so proud of the work I’ve created, and so thankful for the team around me who’ve stuck by me throughout this process. To the first of many, and to a very bright future ahead!”

David Guetta adds;

“In my opinion, Becky is becoming one of the very rare queens of dance music. She has an incredible voice and it felt so good to go back to house music for this record.”

Quite clearly, this is a musical match made in heaven. The ultimate dream-team. The collaboration has demonstrated both artists talents and has created an wonderful masterpiece that you will not be able to stop listening to.

If all goes to plan, Becky Hill will be heading out on the road once more for a summer filled with festivals. She will also be headlining her own tour later in the year. Most tour dates have sold out, so be sure to snap the remaining tickets up quick to avoid disappointment! Hopefully, Miss Rona will allow you to witness Becky do what she does best. Tickets can be found here, and the full list of dates can be seen below;


Sun 18 July – British Grand Prix, Silverstone
Sat 24 July – Splendour Fest, Nottingham 

Wed 28 July – Villa Marina, Isle of Man 

Fri 30 July – Camp Bestival (Headlining), Dorset 

Thu 5 August – Times Square, Newcastle 

Sat 14 August – Boardmasters, Newquay 

Sun 15 August – Depot in the Park, Swansea 

Sat 28 August – Reading Festival, Reading 

Sun 29 August – Leeds Festival, Leeds 

Fri 3 September – Highest Point Festival, Lancaster

Sat 4 September – Mighty Hoopla, London 

Sat 4 September – Sundown Festival, Norwich 

Sat 11 September – TRNSMT, Glasgow 

Sun 12 September – Parklife, Manchester

Fri 17 September – Isle Of Wight Festival, IOW

Fri 24 September – Nass Festival, Shepton Mallet 


Wed 29 September – Engine Shed, Lincoln 

Fri 1 October – o2 Victoria Warehouse, Manchester ***sold out***

Sat 2 October – o2 Academy, Leeds ***sold out***

Sun 3 October – o2 Academy, Glasgow

Tue 5 October -o2 Academy, Newcastle ***sold out***

Wed 6 October – o2 Academy, Sheffield ***sold out***

Tue 7 October – Rock City, Nottingham ***sold out***

Sat 9 October –   o2 Academy, Liverpool ***sold out***

Mon 11 October – Dome, Brighton ***sold out***

Tue 12 October – o2 Academy, Oxford 

Wed 13 October – o2 Academy Brixton, London

Fri 15 October – UEA, Norwich ***sold out***

Sat 16 October – o2 Academy, Birmingham ***sold out***

Sun 17 October – Great Hall, Cardiff ***sold out***

Tue 19 October – o2 Academy, Bristol ***sold out***

Wed 20 October – o2 Academy, Bournemouth

Thu 21 October – Pavilions, Plymouth

Thu 18 November – Olympia Theatre, Dublin

To keep up to date, be sure to follow the singer on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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Emily Vaughn Finds ‘Silver Linings’ on Breakup-Driven Debut LP




Like most of us, Emily Vaughn had a rough 2020. The independent pop star was in Norway working on her second EP when lock-downs forced her to retreat home to Los Angeles and confront the demons in her relationship at the time. Rather than getting closer during quarantine, Vaughn’s beau apparently retreated to Las Vegas and cheated, sending Vaughn into a tailspin. Somewhere along the way, after distilling her many feelings into her music, she made her first album.

Vaughn first made her name with catchy pop anthems and Bitch Bops, as she called her first EP, that put her independence and unapologetic attitude at the forefront, earning over 20 million Spotify streams.

On her debut album Silver Linings, she goes harder than ever — literally, at times. Joined by established hit-makers such as Lil Xan and fellow up-and-comers, such as her BFF Bronze Avery, Silver Linings sees Vaughn embrace the mess she’s created with the help of her loved ones.

From the mournful “Fix You” to the self-reflective “Healthy,” Vaughn goes through all the phases of ending (and dipping back into) a relationship with sleek synths, hypnotic melodies and jaw-dropping one-liners.

Below, Vaughn opens up about finally creating her debut album, why she’s chosen to stay independent and the weirdest encounter she’s had with a celebrity.

Finally, you’re releasing your debut album. Did you intend for it to be a breakup album?

I think so, I don’t think there was a moment in my head where I was like, “I’m only going to write breakup songs.” But I’m just very momentary and intense and passionate. When I’m in something, I’m 100 percent. If I’m in a relationship, I’m 100 percent. If I’m going through a breakup, I’m 100 percent. If I’m liking someone new, I’m 100 percent.

What pushed you to finally make this your debut? Did you have a light bulb moment where you realized you were making an album?

I really think it was being in the midst of a lock-down and having all these different emotions that I’ve never had to just sit down with. I looked at the group of songs I loved that I created over the past two years and I was like, this is an album. This is the story that I’ve written for myself. It just ended up being a whole f—ing life story of my past two years and all the different emotions, whether it’s being in love or happy or heartbroken or angry or feeling unapologetically sexual and fun.

Where did the album title, Silver Landings, come from?

I was going to bookstores in Silver Lake and reading through poetry books, feminism books, anything that related to who I am as a person, hoping that a title would pop out at me. It didn’t. With Bitch Bops, it was the most effortless — I gave it no thought. For this one, I went through so many options. Then one day I asked, for every song on this album, what’s the one thing in common? I realized it was the silver linings of every situation from the past two years. In every single song, there is a silver lining that’s brought me to where I am.

Tell us about your creative process. What was the first song you wrote for the album?

I think it was “Fix You,” because I was writing that when my ex and I were still on a break. I was in the process of deciding, “Should I stay with this person? I don’t feel like I want to…” Then we fully broke up, and next came “Harder Than Ever.” I went from, “I don’t want to miss you,” to “Peace out, kiss my a–, miss me harder than ever.”

Speaking of, where did that song come from? You really do go harder than ever.

My ex and his best friend had gone to Vegas with other girls. The girl his best friend was dating and I found out at the same time, so we freaked out and had a whole “bad bitch” moment. She texted me and said, “Peace out, kiss my a–, miss me harder than ever.” I was like, “Bitch, if you think I’m not going to make that a song right now, I’m absolutely going to.” She’s not even a songwriter, and I put her on a percentage of that song because I wrote the whole song based on that.

Tell us about the last song on the album, “Healthy.” How healthy do you feel now?

The point of “Healthy” is that I don’t know that I am healthy in a lot of ways — and realizing I don’t know how to be healthy in relationships right now. That was a weird thing to accept. At the time, I was in this new relationship thinking, “This is going to be healthy, I need to hone in on it and hold onto it.” But I wasn’t happy, and it’s not what I want. “Healthy” came from writing not being sure how to be healthy right now, and that’s okay.

Who provided the voicemails on this album, and why wasn’t I one of them?

You’ve never left me any voicemails, otherwise I would have! Right after I broke up with my ex, I dated this boy in New York for two seconds, another thing I knew was not correct for me. He sent me the voicemail on the intro of “Love Me Later.” It’s funny looking at that song. I was not ready to be in a relationship but I met this person who was crazy about me, so I thought I should be with him. I wrote this song about how I thought it would end up happening later, and then after taking that space, I realized there is no later and I was better off without it. On “Fix You,” that’s my Nana, who is just iconic and stays giving me advice. It’s incredible. I’ll call her and tell her what’s up, and she’ll be like, “I don’t know if you know this already,” and throw in life advice all the time.

Are you scared to be releasing your debut album without a label?

I think it’s second nature. Obviously, it’s scary. I’m just sitting here stressing out about it, because you pour your heart into something and you want it to do everything. But even this morning, I was sitting in the sauna and I was like, “I think this is going to do what it’s supposed to and reach the people it’s supposed to reach.”

Why do you choose to stay independent?

Since I put out [debut single] “Better Off,” I’ve gotten hit up by basically every label offering me something like a 360 deal. I’ve always wanted to have creative control because my music has been very true to who I am, and I think I’ve been able to accurately represent that being independent. Honestly, it’s f—ed up seeing Raye tweeting about how she’s been making music for five years and wasn’t able to put out an album. Having to fight the f—ing system to put out music you’ve written about the sh– actually going on in your life is just so incredibly f—ed up. That’s why I’ve really enjoyed being independent and learning the system and my rights as an artist and how much I can do for myself without primarily men having their hands on everything.

What were the best and weirdest encounters you’ve had with celebs in the industry?

I met with Doja Cat a few times because she was friends with some of my friends. We would have Thanksgiving or Christmas celebrations. Two years ago, we did karaoke together in full Santa costumes, and we have a boomerang where we’re sitting on Santa’s lap. Just honestly iconic. The weirdest one is that Jason Derulo blocked me on Instagram for no reason. I met him once, we shook hands and I asked him, “What’s your Instagram?” Why did I ever ask that question? At one point, we were both in Miami and he was like, “Come to the studio.” But I was watching the show YOU and I was paranoid, so I didn’t go anywhere. And that was it.

How do you think you’ve grown since you released your first singles?

I could blow your mind with how I had no idea to be in the industry. Now, I’m just proud of myself for taking that younger version of myself that had a dream but no idea how to execute it and becoming someone that fully understands what I’m doing and how to navigate emotions enough to be able to write an album I’m proud of.

When I first started, I was coming from a very religious background that I had to undo. Originally, I wanted to name the album “Altar,” because I always felt like I needed to alter myself to fit in this box of this perfect little sweet girl that I’m comfortable not being now. I know I can still be a genuine person, but also write a song about sex. Whereas before, I don’t think I could’ve understood or been genuine about that.

Pop Stars From the 1990s and 2000s: Then & Now

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Jedward Are Giving Us Relationship Advice And We’re All Here For It – Essentially Pop




If you’ve been living under a rock then you’ll not have realised that Jedward have in recent months become not just the darlings of Twitter, but they’ve taken over TikTok as well. On two accounts – @planetjedward and @jepictiktok, they’ve been uploading videos about their day to day lives, but in true Jedward fashion, there’s fun and humour involved.

The past week however they’ve upped the ante, and started providing their followers with handy videos with pertinent relationship advice. The first one, which featured Edward in a rotunda getting down on one knee and asking (someone) to marry him, has proven to be very popular, amassing so far an incredible 1 million views in just 2 days.

This has since been followed by a video asking someone for a date, and, to bring it all full circle, a clip where the twins break up with someone – and they don’t do it gently. To round it all up – and maybe for those who don’t necessarily have someone they want to date, marry, or end it with – they’ve got a video for the occasion when you’ve got a fierce hunger on you.

Jedward, who turned 30 last Saturday, have also been keeping in touch with their fans while hosting TikTok livestreams, proving to be one of the most popular accounts on the video clip app.

It’s not the only reason the Dublin duo have been making news this week, with the revelation that their good friend Ed Sheeran once considered calling himself “Redward”, but in light of Jedward’s rise to fame was glad he stuck with his birth name. Speaking to Ed Gamble and James Acaster on the Off Menu podcast, the ‘Shivers’ singer, whose much anticipated 5th album, ‘=’ is set for release on October 29, added that he and John and Edward have been good friends for many years, describing them as “very sweet”, and that they have had many deep conversations over time. He also said that he sent them a painting, and they responded by painting one of their own, of cats with a drumkit, for his daughter Lyra, and it holds pride of place in her room.

You can find out more about Jedward and their music online on their official website, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Apple Music, ‎iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, and TIDAL.

Ed Sheeran’s new album ‘=’ can be pre-saved here.

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Sharon Hendrix – ‘Love Ain’t Fair’ – Essentially Pop




We’ve been writing about Sharon Hendrix for a while now, and so we leapt at the opportunity to review her new single and music video, ‘Love Ain’t Fair’.

Previous releases, such as ‘Adaleigh’, and ‘Believe And Become’ testify to Sharon’s storytelling ability, and her talent for seamlessly tie in with her warm, soulful vocals. With her new single, ‘Love Ain’t Fair’, Sharon steps it up a little, dipping into the world of contemporary R&B and pop.

Sharon Hendrix’s rich vocals are filled with emotion as she sings of falling out of love. The track addresses themes of deception and heartbreak, and the lyrics intoxicate as they blend seamlessly with the electronic R&B beat.

The video for ‘Love Ain’t Fair’ takes it a step further, and while the song shows that intimacy and romance leaves the partners open to getting hurt, the clip takes a raw look at relationships, while issuing the challenge to make it work out. With stunning visuals, we see couples fighting, separating, and then coming back together, perfectly illustrating the highest of highs, and the very lowest of lows that inevitably come when you allow yourself to fall in love.

With the climax of the song, Sharon shows what she’s made of, with incredibly powerful vocals, that pierce the instrumentals, and leave the listener wanting for more.

You can find out more about the inimitable Sharon Hendrix and her music online on her official website.

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