Breonna Taylor’s family holds emotional press conference demanding justice

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Breonna Taylor’s family, along with legal counsel Lonita Baker, Benjamin Crump, and Same Aguiar are currently speaking truth to power. It’s moving and emotional and we are mad as hell.

There is hellfire being raised to the Earth’s surface and if you’re not fired up, you don’t have a soul. Much of the conversation revolves around the ineptitude of Attorney General Daniel Cameron and the disgusting way in which he cowardly dodged questions about how he handled the sham of a grand jury hearing.

“RELEASE THE TRANSCRIPTS!” and “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, AMERICA!” have been chanted with vigor and fury. Breonna’s aunt is speaking while wearing her niece’s EMT jacket while reading a statement from Breonna’s grief-stricken mother Tamika Palmer. Also, the speakers are virulently speaking out against media attacks that attempt to paint protesters as nothing more than violent thugs.

We will not be silenced and this press conference is a prime example of our resolve to get justice by any means necessary. F**k 12. F**k Daniel Cameron. F**k that bunk-ass grand jury who thought this to be “justice”. Attorney Crump says that almost each and every Black family who has suffered a similar injustice has reached out to offer their unyielding support to Breonna’s family.

Press play to watch.

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