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Halsey Says Record Label Is Pressuring for a Viral TikTok



Halsey went viral on TikTok after claiming that her label was focused on going viral on TikTok instead of releasing their music.

“Basically I have a song that I love that I wanna release ASAP,” they wrote on a video uploaded over the weekend. “But my label won’t let me.” The “Nightmare” singer added that her label was holding off on approving the release unless they could “fake a viral moment on tiktok.”

“Everything is marketing,” she added. “And they are doing this to basically every artist these days.”

Watch the TikTok below:

The hit-maker shared a second video that appeared to include audio from a discussion about the release. “I just hate this,” she said.

Check out the video below:

She also opened up about the situation on Twitter, where she noted that her label seemed impressed by how well her “tiktok tantrum” was performing. The original video has received 8 million views at the time of publishing. Despite that, Halsey claimed that their label was still holding off on confirming an official release date.

They added that the song has been in the works for most of the year and that a music video is “literally already done.”

Fans asked if they could do anything to help, but Halsey wasn’t sure.

“Honestly idk the tiktok is already viral + I still don’t have a release date,” she tweeted. “I would say just do what you guys normally are amazing at doing when I announce a song (under better circumstances). They haven’t given me a date and I wanna release it ASAP so that’s really the hold up.”

Check out their tweets below:

Capitol Music Group, Halsey’s label, shared a statement about the situation with E! News. “Our belief in Halsey as a singular and important artist is total and unwavering,” they said. “We can’t wait for the world to hear their brilliant music.”

However, Halsey responded to the statement, which was attributed to her former label Astralwerks as well as Capitol on Twitter. “Astralwerks is the label that signed me, and then they upstreamed me to Capitol. This quote came from the company who believed in me from the jump. Not the company I’m wrestling with right now,” she claimed.

While Halsey’s release date is still unclear, their plight does seem to shine light on an issue that is plaguing other artists. Musicians such as Charli XCX and Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine have also alluded to receiving pressure from their labels to post on the social media platform.

“The label are begging me for ‘low fi tik toks’ so here you go. pls send help,” Welch wrote alongside a video that was uploaded earlier this year.

Charli meanwhile poked fun at being asked for what she claimed was her eighth TikTok in a week.

Watch their videos below:

Meanwhile, FKA Twigs claimed that she “got told off for not making enough effort” on TikTok in a since-deleted video, according to the Independent.

This is not the first time that artists have opened up about pressures to perform from their label, either.

Last year, pop singer Raye attracted attention after she tweeted that she’d been waiting for years to record her debut album. She said that there was pressure for her single “Call On Me” to perform well so that the project could be green lit, according to Metro.

Raye later shared that she was released from her record deal in a post on Instagram. Check that out below:

Songs Artists Regret They Recorded

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Fans Have Some Theories About J-Hope’s ‘Jack in the Box’ Album



BTSJ-Hope is gearing up to release his second solo project, an album called Jack in the Box on July 15.

The project marks the rapper’s first foray into an official solo album, following 2018’s Hope World mixtape.

On Hope World, the concept and music represented J-Hope’s signature sunny personality and vibrant aesthetic.

With Jack in the Box, J-Hope seems to be pushing new boundaries and exploring a darker side to his persona, especially with the first single, “More,” out on July 1.

The concept photos depict Hobi in a much darker aesthetic with him photographed in the shadows wearing a jester’s hat while the first teaser shows a mysterious key backed by a beat and J-Hope’s infectious yell, “‘Cause I want some more!”

Of course, ARMYs have tons of theories about what’s to come on the album!

One theory referenced the shoes J-Hope wears in the concept photos.

One tweet pointed out how J-Hope’s shoe represents the J in the album’s title.


“I’m fascinated by folklores and their (often dark) origins & Jack in the Box is especially so. The J is a stylized boot – a homage to Jack-In-The-Box’s true origins; a clever exorcism of a devil with the aid of an old boot,” another fan wrote to start another thread about the possible inspiration behind the shoes.

Another ARMY noted, “In addition to working on the songs, [Hoseok] is said to have participated in the album concept and the overall composition of Jack In The Box. His attention to the details is just *chef’s kiss*.”

“The imagery used for Jack in the Box’s concept is closer to a Jester than a classic Clown. Jesters, also called “Fools,” were entertainment in medieval courts,” one fan explained.

Another popular theory leads to Pandora’s box.

“After she closes the box only hope is left stuck in the box and again [Hobi] wants to show [a] different side of himself compared to the bright and saturated image he normally portrays,” the fan said of the Pandora’s box theory.

@MoonieJoonieee said, “Thinking about the Jack out of the box as this silly outgoing persona brought on by external influences (like us the fans and what he wants to show us) what is he like when no one is looking, when he is in the box? Does Jack WANT to be in the box?”

Check out more fan reactions and theories, below:

K-pop Idols Who Went Solo From Their Groups


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Yungblud Fights His Misery On New Single “Don’t Feel Like Feeling Sad Today”



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It’s A ‘Cold Blooded Highway’ That Ron Santee Is Travelling Along With New LP



They always call it the difficult second album, but Ron Santee is going from strength to strength, and his sophomore solo release, ‘Cold Blooded Highway’ is more a case of “you ain’t seen nothing yet”‘.

Originally from Ashbury Park, New Jersey, Ron Santee was the front man for an indie rock band, The Battery Electric, based out of New York City. The band made a name for itself touring with the likes of Eagles of Death Metal, King Khan & BBQ Show, Queens Of The Stone Age, and Detroit Cobras. Now, Ron is based in the Joshua Tree Desert, in Southern California, where he’s built a studio, ‘Desert Dog Studios’. His sophomore solo album, ‘Cold Blooded Highway’ was recorded there, and it’s out now.

The ten track album sounds for all the world like it’s been written specifically for a Tarantino soundtrack, and it’s clearly been inspired by Santee’s desert surroundings. The title and opening track is in a cowboy’s lament style, languid and vaguely threatening, yet there’s a certain fun element to it as well. You just know that Santee got a kick out of recording it, as he drops into a surf-rock vibe about 2/3 of the way through.

Track 2, ‘Toodleoo’, is even more fun, upbeat and jangly, allowing Santee to truly let rip his country vibes, and he almost channels Tom Petty at times.

Santee played most of the instruments himself on the album, with help from local musicians, who contributed pedal steel, and slide guitar, among other instrumentals. While his debut album, ‘Wildfire Heart’ was more straightforward rock, this is very definitely a departure, but a strong one.

Skilfully blending rock, country, Americana, and rocksteady, Santee manages to make each song have a different vibe, allowing all listeners to find a favourite, no matter what their musical taste.

Santee even drops into reggae in track 4, ‘Just Ask Me Why’, with steel drums, cowbell, and Hammond organ.

Watch the music video for ‘Cold Blooded Highway’ below, and stream the album on Spotify and Bandcamp. You can find out more about Ron Santee and his music here.

Ron Santee - “Cold Blooded Highway” Official Music Video

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