Hulu releases trailer for new original comedy series ‘Woke’ about Blackness

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As Black people, we aren’t really afforded the luxury of “keeping it light”. The world is racist as hell and even in our states of peace and comfort, our Spidey senses will tingle at the first sign of racism or bigotry. It’s just part of how we live.

There are those, however, who have chosen to drink a tall glass of good ol’ American apathy-flavored kool-aid. Usually, those types of high fructose corn syrup consumers have a rude awakening when they realize that there is not escaping Blackness in a world so robust with whiteness. That awakening is now commonly referred to as being “woke”. As annoying as that word has become, no thanks to social media’s tireless ability to make anything corny, it still perfectly describes what it is to live inside of Black skin. Sleeping isn’t an option. As Nas once put it, “sleep is the cousin of death” and the last thing we’re want to become is the newest hashtag.

Enter Hulu’s new original series Woke, starring Lamorne Morris as Keith Knight, a Black cartoonist who lives in a bit of a fantasy world where he has very purposefully chosen to “keep it light” and ignore that racism that faces him every day. Until the cops whoop his a$$ like they love to do when they see Blackness.

From that point on, Keith is faced with the world-shattering realization that no amount of cute drawings can protect him from the cold truth. Woke plays out like cartoon in the sense that normally inanimate object become Keith’s conscious and they engage him at every level to challenge his perspective.

Peep the trailer below.

Woke hits the streaming service on September 9. You diggin’ it?

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