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*Former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks says her mortuary business is “booming” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Parks, a licensed funeral director and mortician, as well as an Atlanta-based attorney, revealed on the Page Six podcast “We Hear” that her mortuary business is “going great, didn’t you hear about that pandemic, girl? We are booming. Unfortunately. We have been jam-packed since the pandemic started.”

She added “I’m not physician, however, I do have a mortuary and I’ll tell you this: Normally in the summer months, we’re waiting for a boating accident or a motorcycle crash, because otherwise, we’re pretty empty,” she said. “We are jam-packed. We are working like it’s our heaviest season, so… I tell people when they say, ‘It’s a joke, it’s not that big of a deal,’ well, let me put it to you in real terms, I’m getting 17 calls a day for pickups and that’s at one location. Last week, all of the people were under 59.”

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Parks noted that within the past few months, she has seen many fatalities of young people, calling it “extremely frightening.”

 “I’ve seen several mothers come in burying their children.” She added of the difficult situation, “the pandemic really wreaks havoc on families, so we’ve buried three or four people in one immediate family. It’s really sad. It definitely takes a toll on you emotionally seeing a mother, a father, a son, an aunt… this pandemic is really serious and people should realize that, because it’s not a joke,” she said. 

Last month, Parks helped direct the funeral service of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta.

Following the police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, Brooks was fatally shot by police in a Wendy’s parking lot in Atlanta on June 12. His death sparked even more outrage among Black Lives Matter protesters who have been demonstrating across the country since the death of Floyd in late May. 

Speaking with TooFab, Parks opened up about the climate in Atlanta following the Brooks’ death. 

“It’s been heavy, because as a mother to two young African American boys, as a daughter of an African American man, a sister to two African American brothers and being in Atlanta — this is the mecca of Black Hollywood, of civil rights movement, of well-educated, well-spoken, well-traveled people of color — to see this Rayshard Brooks scenario happen here, the birthplace of the SCLC, Martin Luther King Jr., Ambassador Andy Young, it’s disheartening,” said Parks. “We all thought Atlanta was bigger, better and more progressive than that,” she said. 

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