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I ordered 5 viral Tik Tok dresses



它 MAY 27 它

Or here:

Enter the contest here:
I ordered 5 (or 8 kind of) of the most viral tik tok dresses to see if they’re worth it!!! some surprises, but also many dissapointments :’) oh and i’m in italy

dresses in this video:
– zaful/ amazon mesh dress
– fashion nova body illusion dress
– viral zara dress
– kim kardashian dress
– poster girl miranda dress

Stream my new single “Bite Me”

“Bite Me” Music Video

Don’t forget to follow me on all of my social media! 漎儭
TIK TOK: @naomijon





i love u, broccolis

#tiktok #haul #clothing #fashion #viralfashion #fashiontrend #trends #trend


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Top 20 Songs: July 2022 (07/02/2022) I Best Billboard Music Chart Hits



Week of July 2, 2022 (07/02/22)
Top 50 Songs | Best Billboard Music Hits Chart
Music Rewind:
Spotify Playlist:
Biggest Drop: M疇neskin SUPERMODEL (-8)
Greatest Gainer: Kelly Clarkson Happier Than Ever (+12)
21 Tate McRae Shes All I Wanna Be *-6*
22 Harry Styles Late Night Talking *+3*
23 Jack Harlow First Class *-3*
24 Camila Cabello ft. Ed Sheeran Bam Bam *-3*
25 Alec Benjamin Shadow Of Mine *-2*
26 N-Dubz Charmer *+4*
27 Taylor Swift This Love *-5*
28 Carrie Underwood Ghost Story *RE-ENTRY*
29 Alec Benjamin One Wrong Turn *-3*
30 Alec Benjamin Devil Doesnt Bargain *NEW*
31 Lost Frequencies ft. Calum Scott Where Are You Now *-4*
32 M疇neskin If I Can Dream *RE-ENTRY*
33 Alfie Templeman 3D Feelings *+3*
34 Sam Fender Spit Of You *-1*
35 Maren Morris Circles Around This Town *-7*
36 Brett Eldredge Want That Back *NEW*
37 Sabrina Carpenter Fast Times *-5*
38 Miley Cyrus You *-7*
39 Sam Fender Seventeen Going Under *-2*
40 Paolo Nutini Through The Echoes *-6*
41 Tove Lo How Long *-6*
42 Sam Fender Get You Down *-3*
43 Maggie Rogers Want Want *+1*
44 Becky Hill, Galantis Run *-3*
45 David Guetta, Elle Henderson, Becky Hill Crazy What Love Can Do *NEW*
46 Maren Morris Background Music *-3*
47 Dove Cameron Boyfriend *-1*
48 Elle King ft. Dierks Bentley Worth A Shot *+2*
49 ArrDee, Aitch War *-2*
50 M疇neskin SUPERMODEL *-8*
Charlie Puth – Light Switch
Maren Morris – Nervous
Rex Orange County KEEP IT UP
Post Malone ft. Roddy Ricch Cooped Up
Ed Sheeran One Life
(C) 2022 MusicCharts
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Mashup / Bootleg / Music Mix /Most Popular Music / Best Music / Best Mashups / Best Mix
Bootleg 2022, Mashup 2022, Best Mashup, Party Mix, Top 40, Best Remixes, Best Pop Music, Best Dance Music, Club Dance, For You, WatchMojo
#Top20Songs #trendingmusic


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NONSTOP 2022 Vinahouse Vi廙t Mix Nh廕︷ Tr廕 Remix 2022 Hay Nh廕另 Hi廙n Nay, Nh廕︷ Dj Bass C廙帷 M廕》h



Nh廕︷ Tr廕 Remix 2021 Hay Nh廕另 Hi廙n Nay, NONSTOP 2021 Bass C廙帷 M廕》h,Vi廙t Mix Dj Nonstop 2021 Vinahouse

Link Goc Anh Th廙 廕句 – Thanh Hがng |
#nonstop #vinahouse #nhactreremix
LINK G廙C CHかA T廙杰G YU AI 廕鋅 V廕某 :
Nh廕︷ g廙c T穫nh B廕》 Di廙u K穫 :
Nh廕︷ g廙c H籀a Tがヾng Tが :

獺nh M廕另 Em x Th廕 Th獺i Remix | NONSTOP Vinahouse Nh廕︷ Tr廕 DJ Vi廙t Mix Remix 2021 M廙i Nh廕另 Hi廙n Nay
Nh廕︷ Tr廕 Remix 2020 Hay Nh廕另 Hi廙n Nay, NONSTOP 2020 Bass C廙帷 M廕》h Vi廙t Mix Nonstop 2020 Vinahouse
Nh廕︷ Tr廕 Remix, Vi廙t Mix NONSTOP 2020 Vinahouse, LK Nh廕︷ Tr廕 Remix G璽y Nghi廙n Hay Nh廕另 Hi廙n Nay 2020
Track List :
01. Xem nhが em ch廕軟g may
02. C璽u h廙奄 chがa v廕雉 tr簷n ver 2
03. M璽y 礙m ch廙 m廕句 礙m
04. Nhが m廙t ngが廙i dがng
05. Cがa l 廙
06. Luu s廙 em i
07. Ch廙n qu礙 thanh b穫nh
08. Y礙u la cがヾi
09. N廙 cが廙i xu璽n
10. 癡o b簷ng ut nhi m癡o fix
11. La ai tu bo la ai vo tinh
12. Thay l簷ng
13. Cが廙i lu繫n が廙θ kh繫ng
14. か廙c h廕雉
15. Luy廕積 luu t穫nh
16. Th穫 th繫i ko rap
17. Thi礙n t穫nh s廕吟
18. Ch廙ㄅ bu廙n ver 2

孩ng K穩 Nh廕︷ M廙i :
亭acebook Fan Page :
廙南g qu礙n ng k羸 (Subscribe) BD Media Music 廙 xem ngay Music Video Hot, Phim Ca Nh廕︷ v Li礙n Kh繳c nh廕︷ tr廕 remix hay nh廕另 2018 nh矇 c廕 nh.
璽y l ca kh繳c が廙θ 廙c quy廙n b廙i C繫ng Ty BDMedia. 廙 ngh廙 c獺c t廙 ch廙妾, c獺 nh璽n kh繫ng reup dが廙i m廙i h穫nh th廙妾.
LH B廕τ Quy廙n :
穢BDMedia :——————————————-
孩ng K穩 Nh廕︷ M廙i :
亭acebook Fan Page :
廙南g qu礙n ng k羸 (Subscribe) BD Media Music 廙 xem ngay Music Video Hot, Phim Ca Nh廕︷ v Li礙n Kh繳c nh廕︷ tr廕 remix hay nh廕另 2018 nh矇 c廕 nh.
璽y l ca kh繳c が廙θ 廙c quy廙n b廙i C繫ng Ty BDMedia. 廙 ngh廙 c獺c t廙 ch廙妾, c獺 nh璽n kh繫ng reup dが廙i m廙i h穫nh th廙妾.
LH B廕τ Quy廙n :

Tag: tik tok, remix, edm, remix 2021, nhac tre, nonstop 2021, nh廕︷ remix, nhac, thich thi den, nh廕︷ tr廕, nh廕︷, th穩ch th穫 廕積, edm remix, nh廕︷ tr廕 remix, edm tik tok, nh廕︷ edm, orinn remix, nhac remix, htrol, lk nhac tre remix, nhac tre remix, htrol remix, nh廕︷ tr廕 remix 2020, lk nhac tre, nh廕︷ tr廕 2021, nonstop remix, nhac tre 2021, nhac tre hay, orinn, nhac tre hay nhat, nh廕︷ m廙i, nh廕︷ tr廕 m廙i nh廕另, nh廕︷ tr廕 hay, nh廕︷ tr廕 remix 2021 hay nh廕另 hi廙n nay, edm g璽y nghi廙n, jenny remix, nh廕︷ tr廕 hay nh廕另, nh廕︷ edm remix, acv music edm, lk nh廕︷ tr廕 remix, remix vinahouse, vi廙t mix 2021, vi廙t mix, li礙n kh繳c nh廕︷ tr廕 remix, nhac tre remix 2021, remix edm, 2ao remix, tik tok acv remix, edm tiktok vn, nh廕︷ g璽y nghi廙n, edm tik tok gay nghien, edm tik tok g璽y nghi廙n, nhac tre edm tik tok gay nghien hay nhat, nhac tre edm, nhac tre edm tik tok, nhac tre edm tik tok gay nghien, nh廕︷ tr廕 remix hay nh廕另, nh廕︷ tr廕 cng c廙帷, nh廕︷ tr廕 nonstop, nh廕︷ tr廕 hay nh廕另 hi廙n nay, nhac tre viet mix, lk nh廕︷ tr廕, nh廕︷ tr廕 vinahouse, bd remix, nh廕︷ tr廕 edm tik tok, nh廕︷ tr廕 edm tik tok g璽y nghi廙n hay nh廕另, nh廕︷ tr廕 edm tik tok g璽y nghi廙n, jennyremix, bd media remix, nh廕︷ tr廕 remix tuy廙n ch廙n, nh廕︷ tr廕 remix 2021, nhac tre remix hay nh廕另, nh廕︷ edm 2021, remix 2021 hay nh廕另, nh廕︷ tr廕 edm,rin music,rin remix,kh繫ng b廕彫g,khong bang,kh繫ng b廕彫g remix,khong bang remix,kh繫ng b廕彫g nh廕︷ hoa l廙i vi廙t,khong bang nhac hoa loi viet,khong bang remix chill,kh繫ng b廕彫g remix chill,noi voi em mot loi truoc khi xa roi,n籀i v廙i em m廙t l廙i trが廙c khi xa r廙i,noi voi em mot loi truoc khi xa roi remix,n籀i v廙i em m廙t l廙i trが廙c khi xa r廙i remix,kh繫ng b廕彫g rin remix,khong bang rin music,nh廕︷ tr廕 remix,nhac tre remix 2021,n籀i v廙i em m廙t l廙i trが廙c khi xa r廙i nal remix,nh廕︷ trend tiktok,top 20 bi h獺t hot nh廕另 tiktok 2021


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