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*T.I. is catching heat after saying he calls spending quality time with his daughter ‘thot prevention hours.’

Tip made the comments during a conversation with rapper 21 Savage on a recent episode of his ExpediTIously podcast. While speaking about how they’re both protective of their daughters, T.I. described spending quality time with them as “thot prevention hours.” 

His comments were in response to 21 saying he’s overprotective of his daughters more so and his sons. 

“Because sons can’t get pregnant,” T.I. said. “You can’t keep her from running into one of them niggas. Me and Lil Duval call it thot prevention hours. Keep your daughter off the pole. You spending time going to daddy-daughter dances and taking her on trips where it’s just you and her, those are thot prevention hours.”

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T.I., who has previously made inappropriate comments on his daughters’ sexuality, went on to say: “You don’t do that, they’re gonna be somewhere in Magic City tryna figure it out. That is absolutely necessary for any father,” he continued. 

“If you ain’t putting in your thot prevention hours and your daughter end up a dancer, don’t blame her now. You did not set an example. You did not show what the fuck it was that she should be doing versus what she’s doing,” he added.

Check out the segment via the Twitter clip above. 

As expected, the hip-hop star is being called out on social media, with many fans saying his comments were out of pocket.

One Twitter user said, “His obsession with his daughters sex life is so uncomfortable, like WHY does he keep talking about sex and his daughter.”

Another added, “Being present as a father doesn’t stop or repel any of the sh*t he mentioned. I know b*tches with both parents who still stripped, and make their parents proud with the plans they have in motion. F*ck outta here.”

What do you think of T.I.’s “thot prevention” stance? Let us know in the comments. 

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