Improvements On the iPhone 4S Help Apple Achieve Fantastic Sales Over The Last Three Months

When Apple launched the iPhone 4S in 2011 many critics and consumers where a little underwhelmed by the device. Many of us were expecting a brand new design and a larger display however neither of these materialised. Despite the negativity that surrounded the launch of the device, the model has gone on to prove a massive success with the public.

Apple have just announced details of their sales figures for the first financial quarter of 2012. This may confuse many people as we have not even completed January but in financial terms the first quarter relates to the period of 1st October 2011 to December 31st 2011. In this period Apple managed to sell an astonishing 37 million iPhones. This number is includes the new iPhone 4S in addition to other models including the iPhone 4 and 3GS. The impressive thing about these figures is that they are the actual number of units sold by Apple and not just shipped. Many manufacturers publicise the number of units they have shipped which means the devices they have supplied to retail outlets. The actual figure that they have sold may actually be much lower than this. To put this figure into perspective Apple managed to sell 17 million units in the previous quarter which means these latest numbers represent a massive 117 per cent increase. Samsung have recently released details of their performance in the same quarter and reported that they shipped over 35 million units. Considering that Samsung offer a much larger range of devices it is encouraging that the figures achieved by the three Apple models are so high.

Apple themselves know that there are not many major differences between the new iPhone 4S and its predecessor the iPhone 4 but the company have focused much media attention on the areas where there are big improvements. It is difficult to turn on the television or read a magazine without seeing an advertisement for the Siri voice recognition software that the model incorporates. This software turns the handsets into a truly hands free device by enabling you to instruct the phone with voice commands. Many smartphones do offer some form of voice recognition but none offer the level of functionality that Siri achieves. Camera features are another area that have seen a significant boost with the new model boasting an 8 mega pixel resolution together with 1080P video capture.

The sales figures that Apple have achieved in the last three months have surpassed all expectations. This success can be attributed to excellent features such as Siri that are incorporated on the iPhone 4S along with competitive prices that are now available on older models such as the iPhone 4.

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