iPhone 4 and iOS 4 – Privacy Problems Or More Secure?

The new updates that are now available for existing iPhone users are being built into the new iPhone 4. The updates are being packaged in cutely names iOS4 which is now available for download for any iPhone user that has an iPhone 3g or iPhone 3GS. These updates include many really cool new features for the camera, new multitasking capabilities and many more great features like the iTunes book store. However, users that have the older 3G model may miss out on some of the coolest features because Jobs claims that their processor is simply not capable of keeping up with these advanced features.

This is one of the biggest software updates apple has rolled out for its huge population of mobile devices to date. This new mobile operating system will attempt to bring all of the iPhones, iPod Touch’s and iPads up to a level playing ground for the users sake and mostly for the developers who are cranking out new apps at an unprecedented rate these days. For many this will give them a whole new experience with features that they have never had been able to use before. Some people who have already jailbroken their phones may think that these updates are minimalistic compared to the control and customization that they have experienced by unlocking the iPhone OS.

Apple plans on getting rid of these non-standard installations on the iPhone models altogether very soon. The iPhones that have a jailbroken or home brewed OS on them currently have never been looked at as a problem, because Apple has never specifically added anything to their EULA or End User Licence Agreement to disallow such software tweaks, until now. Apple reps are saying that users who have upgraded to the iTunes V9.2 or who have already installed the iOS V4 software have already agreed not to alter the software on these Apple products in any way that is not intended by the manufacturer. Furthermore, if you do continue to use your jailbroken phone, they will know and your service may be terminated. This will be one big surprise for many users as they are not making it very well known that this will be an issue moving forward.

If you are going to be using a altered version of the iPhone operating system, you must use an older version of iTunes and the iPhone OS to make sure that you are still within the agreement licensing terms, so before you jailbreak you may wan to think twice!

Source by Nick Simpson

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