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LeAnn Rimes Announces Forthcoming Album ‘God’s Work’ & Unveils New Track ‘the only’ ft. Ziggy Marley, Ledisi & Ben Harper



Today, GRAMMY Award-winning singer, songwriter, actress, and author LeAnn Rimes drops her collaborative new track ‘the only’ ft. Ziggy Marley, Ledisi & Ben Harper, taken from her eagerly anticipated new album ‘god’s work’ – out on EverLe Records via Thirty Tigers/ The Orchard on September 16th.

‘the only’ arrives just in time for summer and is a departure from LeAnn’s traditional sound, giving fans another taste of the many influences featured on the forthcoming new record.

Stream and download ‘the only’ here & watch the video below:

LeAnn Rimes - the only (official lyric video) ft. Ziggy Marley, Ledisi, Ben Harper

‘the only’ comes hot off the back of LeeAnn’s season four win of FOX’s ‘The Masked Singer’, and most recently, serving as the inspiration judge on the competition series, ‘Meet Your Makers Showdown’.

“It is an honour to have such a unique and diverse group of artists joining me on this song. Artists of like mind and heart that are also spreading a message of love in the world,” Rimes said. “‘the only’ really is all about community and connection, so I felt inspired to create the track in community with those I deeply admire and respect.”

The 12-track record features an eclectic group of accomplished artists that bring a genre-bending sound to the album, including Mickey Guyton, Ziggy Marley, Aloe Blacc, Ben Harper, Ledisi, Sheila E., Robert Randolph, and more. ‘god’s work’ is available for pre-order HERE

Written and produced by Rimes and her long-time collaborator and close friend/producer/songwriter Darrell Brown, ‘god’s work’ has been nearly three years in the making and puts Rimes’ breath-taking vocals on full display. The track listing includes a mix of ethereal, rhythmic, and brutally honest songs that take each listener on their own unique journey, exploring the duality of life and recognizing the light and the dark that we all encounter. Rimes made a commitment to highlight females in the creation of the album, from the mixing to the recording and mastering, allowing her to fully immerse herself in the vulnerability of the lyrics and sound. 

“For me, god’s work was all about a journey of reclamation, where humanity meets spirit,” Rimes said.  “The idea was to really dig into the duality of life, and I needed to be at the place I am in my life now in order to release this record whole-heartedly. It’s so empowering that I am finally there.”

LeAnn Rimes is an international multi-platinum selling acclaimed singer and ASCAP award-winning songwriter who has sold more than 48 million units globally, won 2 Grammy® Awards; 12 Billboard Music Awards; 2 World Music Awards; 3 Academy of Country Music Awards; 2 Country Music Association Awards and one Dove Award. At 14, Rimes won “Best New Artist” making her the youngest solo artist to take home a Grammy® Award, and at 15, she became the first country artist to win “Artist of the Year” at the Billboard Music Awards.

​​Rimes recently kicked off her US tour in support of god’s work and her 25th anniversary as an artist.

‘god’s work’ track listing:
the only (Ft. Ziggy Marley, Ledisi, and Ben Harper)
how much a heart can hold 
throw my arms around the world
the wild (Ft. Sheila E. and Mickey Guyton)
god’s work (Ft. Robert Randolph, Mickey Guyton, and Tata Vega)
something better’s coming 
imagined with love
there will be a better day 
i do (Duet by Aloe Blacc and LeAnn Rimes)

To stay up-to-date on LeAnn’s upcoming projects, follow her on Instagram and her official website.

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Nya Talks To Us About Her New Single ‘Closer Than Close’, Travel, And What She Would Do If She Couldn’t Do Music



Nya has been on our radar for a few years now, and with her latest release, ‘Closer Than Close‘, and its accompanying anime style lyric video, we felt it was high time we had a chat with this incredible artist. We hope you enjoy our interview as much as we did!

We’ve been following your musical journey for many years now, and we’ve seen you go from strength to strength. Your latest single, ‘Closer Than Close’, features an anime lyric video. What was your motivation with that choice?

Firstly, thank you! I love any accompanying visual content for my songs to add another perspective or dimension to the story being told lyrically. Ayakashi created a beautiful presentation of multiple interpretations of the love story within closer than close, using an art form and style not usually paired with my work. It felt like a cool way to add a new fresh voice to my work and mix things up a bit!

You’re no stranger to travel, having been born in Florida and then basing yourself in New York, and now Los Angeles. But now you’ve got a long distance relationship that sees you split your time between LA and Uruguay – how has this had an effect on you and your relationship with your partner, and what was it like during the Covid-19 pandemic?

 During about a year and a half of the height of Covid, I didn’t leave Uruguay as I wouldn’t have been able to get back in due to Covid-related border policies. Towards the end of that period, I was a little restless to get back to the states, but it was also lovely in that I got to spend a lot of quality time with my now-husband. For the past year and a half or so, I have split my time about half and half. It can definitely be tough to be separated for 4 to 5 months of the year as I really miss my husband and our dogs while I’m away. Still, as long as we have good communication and FaceTime, our relationship is really solid no matter the distance. It also takes a lot of time to travel from Uruguay to LA, and at certain points, throughout Covid required a lot of paperwork; as a result, it can get a bit tiring. On the plus side, I can keep working on and promoting my music consistently, which I love!

Do you feel that artists really have no choice but to follow their dreams, that it’s a vocation as much as a job? If suddenly overnight music and the arts no longer existed, what would you choose to follow for a career?

 I think certain circumstances can be prohibitive for artists to be able to truly devote the necessary time to their dreams no matter how much they want to. If you’re struggling to keep your head above water, you need to prioritize being able to cover the bare necessities. That being said, I believe that most artists feel the arts are a vocation rather than just a means to an end. I think, in a way, you have to genuinely love music to put up the with the industry’s downsides, or you’ll end up pretty miserable. If I weren’t making music, I would likely have continued studying Global Public Health at NYU and gone into a career somewhere in that field, specifically in a role centered around advocacy for mental health and overall health equity. I recently began taking online college courses in GPH to keep learning and eventually get my degree. It’s a subject I feel very passionate about, and I hope to use a platform in music to advocate for better health equity, especially here in the US. It is a topic that is, unfortunately, more relevant than ever and that has personally touched my life.

What’s next on the horizon for you with regard your music? What can fans expect from you for the remainder of 2022 and beyond into next year?

I have an EP that I will release towards the end of August, and I am finishing up my first album, which will likely be released at the top of next year. Additionally, I am currently working on a cool metaverse-related project involving some of my new music and the creation of a virtual Nya. It’s pretty trippy! The new music coming is, I believe, my best and most vulnerable yet and will be paired with a lot of carefully crafted visuals. I will also have live performances built around the releases. So there are a lot of new and exciting things coming!

Who or what have been your biggest inspirations musically? What about in your day-to-day life?

Musically I am inspired by so many genres and artists, from Frank Sinatra, my first musical love, to the Eagles, my father’s favorite band, to Anderson .Paak or the Internet, exceptional genre-bending artists. Some of my top favorite singers are Sarah Vaughan and Anita Baker. I love the songwriting of Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Amy Winehouse, and Sting. As you can see, my musical interests and inspirations are pretty varied. Daily, I am inspired by my family, especially my dad and husband, whose love and constant support mean the world to me. I also find inspiration in any person I meet who is kind and genuine. That is, in my opinion, what makes a person truly beautiful.

Finally, and I ask this question of everyone I speak to, what question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does? And what’s the answer to that question?

Hmmm, this is an interesting one. I guess I’d have to say, “What is your definition of success?”. I think the concept of success is profoundly subjective and in music is so often thought of in terms of fame and money. My definition of success is living a happy and fulfilling life filled with love. For me, success is being a human that makes the world a little better rather than worse. I genuinely love music, and I want to be proud of the work I create. I want to know that I have given my best within reason in everything I do.

Watch the video for ‘Closer Than Close’ below, and find out more about Nya and her music online on her official website, FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Nya - Closer Than close

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It’s More Than Just A Whole Lot Of Hot Air With Gorilla Apocalypse’s New Single, ‘Tornado’



Gorilla Apocalypse is a musical collective brought together by Blue Collar Records. The members come from all walks of life, genres, styles, and backgrounds, and collaborate in the studio, making songs and albums that will get the party started. Their newest single, ‘Tornado’, sees singer/songwriter IZ.M.B. unite with beat producer Grizz La Flare, and lyricist Gary Bernard. We introduced you to IZ.M.B. recently with her solo release, ‘Recover‘ – now check out what she can do in a collab.

IZ.M.B. explains that Gorilla Apocalypse Gorilla Apocalypse is meant to have a revolving door of artists that can learn from one another while having a good time creating unique, powerful musical masterpieces. Certainly, they are building up something very special, from the ground up, with talented artists encouraging and inspiring each other with their enthusiasm, while sharing the lessons they’ve learned.

‘Tornado’ is the first single from Gorilla Apocalypse’s debut EP, ‘Blow Your Mind’, and it comes in very much like an actual tornado, with a sheer whirlwind of unpredictability. The lyrics were written quite some time before the group came together in the recording booth, with the collective deciding who would be the perfect pair to help the song reach its fullest potential. When the members of Gorilla Apocalypse joined forces to record ‘Tornado’ they had a spur of the moment revelation about the true meaning of the song. Just like the often unavoidable destruction of the natural event, toxic relationships evoke massive storms, leaving incredible mess behind.

The combination of La Flare’s groovy beats and IZ.M.B’s fun and edgy vibes ensured that ‘Tornado’ had found its perfect match, and, additionally, the joined forces of each artist’s fan bases, meant they had a hit on their hands.

While all this might sound a little bit clinical and orchestrated, there’s nothing new in talent pooling to make a hit record. ‘Tornado’ is a fun and catchy song, and its success will be certain in combination with the lyric video, which sees IZ.M.B. and Grizz La Flare represented by their own animated characters – IZ.M.B. is a cat, and La Flare is, of course, a grizzly bear. The lyrical chaos is matched fully by the clip, with a roller coaster pictured for the line, “A bona fide carnival ride”, while in IZ.M.B.’s favourite line, “You go from a roller coaster to a bathtub toaster, a desperado on a wanted poster” we’re shown the ride, the toaster, and a gorilla on a wanted poster. There’s plenty of fun and frolics throughout, and it’s certainly a song (and video) that warrants many replays.

Check out the video for ‘Tornado’ below, and follow Gorilla Apocalypse online at Blue Collar Records.


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Christian Parker’s New Classic Rock Single ‘Diamond Sailor’ Is So Much More Than Buried Treasure



From the very first frame of the video for Christian Parker’s new song, ‘Diamond Sailor’, you know that this is a treasure worth finding. Directed by Morgan Elliott, the animated clip is a feast for the eyes while the classic rock sound is certainly one for the ears.

New York artist, Christian Parker, knows what he wants from life, and in the video we see his animated likeness seeking his fortune, digging for treasure. Rather than a pirate’s trove, a chest filled with gold, he finds a guitar; to him the instrument’s value is higher than rubies.

Listen to the track first, maybe three times, before watching the video. ‘Diamond Sailor’ is a classic rock track for a modern age. It’s clear who Christian has been inspired by. There’s The Beatles (definitely John Lennon and George Harrison in there), ELO, Badfinger, Gilbert O’Sullivan, Cat Stevens, Crowded House: Parker has put his own stamp on the classic rock sound though, and his songwriting talent is evident in this as in every track on his most recent album, ‘Best Kept Secret’. It’s clear this isn’t just an homage to the classics, but rather, the result of someone who is well educated in musical history.

Lyrics like “fame can cost more than the prize / for now just say goodbye / to the world of greed and lies” just drop effortlessly and yet are packed with so much meaning and substance. Classic themes such as aspirations, dreams fulfilled and unfulfilled, overcoming hurdles, and listening to that still small voice inside you, are wrapped in a stunningly modern sound. While Parker at first appears to be a traditionalist, he very much has his finger on the pulse of the here and now.

The clip for ‘Diamond Sailor’ serves as a visual showcase for Parker’s tremendous musical talent. While Elliott portrays him as a boy seeking his fortune, it’s realistic enough to make you think that’s actual footage of Christian Parker playing piano (albeit in a rowboat), and expressing his internal passions on the red guitar he unearths.

The clip is “narrated” by the guitar-playing adult Parker, and opens with the boy in his bedroom, playing air guitar on a badminton racquet, while in his imagination he’s the diamond sailor, flying into space, transported by his musical dreams. As an adult he’s trapped in an office job, working for the man, yet his dreams are still there, the diamond sailor is able to see what his true destiny is. He buys a boat and a treasure map, and finds the very same red guitar that the narrator Parker is playing. It’s a dream fulfilled.

Watch the music video for ‘Diamond Sailor’ below and find out more about Christian Parker and his music online on his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Christian Parker's "Diamond Sailor" (Official Music Video) Sounds Like a Beatles Song | Animation

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