Maxo Kream Gets Into Fight With Rizzoo Rizzoo

The rapidly spreading coronavirus didn’t stop Maxo Kream from throwing hands in a semi-crowded parking lot.

On Thursday afternoon (May 14), video footage surfaced the internet of Maxo getting into a physical altercation with rapper Rizzoo Rizzoo of The Sauce Factory crew (TSF) in the parking lot outside of an establishment in what is said to be Houston. In the clip, the Texas native can be seen shirtless throwing punches and kicking Rizzoo Rizzoo, who isn’t wearing a shirt either as he fights back.

It is unclear what sparked the fight, but there is more than one angle of the incident circulating the internet. In a nearly one-and-a-half minute-long clip, at least 20 onlookers can be seen in the parking lot. However, a voice can be heard in the video advising the witnesses to let the two men fight without intervening.

Initially, there was at least six feet of space between Maxo and Rizzoo Rizzoo, but it wasn’t before long that the men disregarded government advised social distancing to throw blows at one another.

Maxo and Rizzoo Rizzoo eventually separate. The TSF member is seen running away from the parking lot and into a dark, grassy area. However, towards the end of the clip, Rizzoo walks back towards the crowded lot and is met by Maxo, who begins to unleash a series of punches on what appears to be Rizzoo’s back.

This isn’t the first time the Brandon Banks rapper was filmed fighting in a public setting. Back in November, Maxo Kream abruptly stopped a show in Scottsdale, Ariz. to jump in the crowd and punch an attendee. The following day, Maxo revealed that the concertgoer threw a beer at him, which was the reason for his reaction.

See more reactions to Maxo Kream and Rizzoo Rizzoo’s fight below.

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