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*Tucker Carlson seemed to confirm speculation that Kanye West is running a spoiler campaign aimed to help Trump by taking votes away from Joe Biden

Carlson dedicated a significant portion of his Friday show on Fox News to praising West as the embodiment of “core conservative” principles. 

Tucker even questioned why no elected Republican officials has taken a similar stance “on foundational questions about life and children and what happens when you die.”

“At this moment the most compelling voice against abortion and Planned Parenthood is not a Republican,” Carlson said on his show Friday. “The most widely heard Christian evangelist in America is not ordained. Instead, he is a rapper married to a Kardashian who, by the way, everyone says is crazy.

“Kanye West is running for president but that’s not really the headline. The headline is that on core conservative issues, not political issues like legislation before the Congress, but on foundational questions about life and children and what happens when you die, no one with a national platform has been more honest or sincere or effective than Kanye West has been. Maybe in generations.”

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Tucker praised West for nearly 10 minutes, sparking speculation that he too is in on the “joke” that is Kanye West running a spoiler presidential campaign. 

“It’s all pretty shocking, really. Talk about an unlikely messenger. But it’s real. Check out West’s Twitter feed if you haven’t seen it. Not everything he says is conservative, far from it. Not everything he says is even intelligible. But when West talks about his faith and about the gift of human life, you start to ask yourself, why aren’t there any elected Republicans who sound like that?” Carlson added.

“They say they believe same things, but if they actually do, why don’t they talk like Kanye West does? And the answer, of course, is because they’re afraid to. But West is not afraid. He doesn’t have to be. He’s too famous. He’s made too much money. He’s sold something like 150 million albums over the past 20 years. And really it’s hard to cancel a guy like that.”

He continued,  “So what does the left do in response to Kanye West? How do you make Kanye West shut up? The short answer is you can’t. So you work to discredit him. You go ad hominem. You ignore what he’s saying, you attack him as a person. You don’t engage with his ideas — you know you would lose if you tried that. So instead you try to keep people from listening to him,” Carlson said.

“It’s an easier job when you’re dealing with less famous people. Thanks to our centrally controlled internet the left can usually silence dissent in an instant with a press of a button. But with prominent wrong thinkers like Kanye. West, censorship requires a finer touch. More artistic flair.”

Tucker then declared that anyone who claims West has mental issues is simply a hater who is trying to silence the hip-hop star.

You can watch Carlson’s Friday night show via the YouTube video above.

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