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Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Relationship Timeline



TIL Bernie Sanders basically saved this relationship.

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for iHeartMedia

You might say they’re the Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson of 2021.

However, a lot of people seem to have questions about their relationship, mostly along the lines of “When the heck did that happen?”

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

So, for your peace of mind as well as mine, here’s a full timeline of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s relationship:

In 2008, 18-year-old Colson Baker — aka Machine Gun Kelly — hung a poster of actor Megan Fox on his bedroom wall.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

More specifically, it was a picture from her GQ photoshoot. He loved her as Mikaela Banes in Transformers. One of Colson’s classmates even said he’d marry Megan one day.

On March 9, 2020, filming on a movie called Midnight in the Switchgrass began in Puerto Rico. Its cast included Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, who met for the first time on set.

Lionsgate / Via

When director Randall Emmett first told her that MGK had been cast in the film, Megan felt that “some wild shit was going to happen to [her] from that meeting.”  

On Randall’s podcast, Give Them Lala…with Randall, she said, ” I just felt it like, deep in my soul — that something was going to come from that.”

Two days into filming, Megan knew that MGK was her “twin flame” — the other half of her soul — so she invited him to her trailer for an astrological reading.

UMG / Via

On Give Them Lala…with Randall, she said, “I went deep right away. I knew before I even did his chart, I said to him, he has a Pisces moon. I could tell by his energy.”

However, before they got together, Megan made a pros and cons list.

Scott Dudelson / Getty Images

She told Who What Wear, “There was my logical brain chiming in and being like, ‘This will never work for 101 reasons.'”

On March 16, 2020, production on Midnight in the Switchgrass shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic. The cast and crew left Puerto Rico.

Megan and MGK started spending time with each other back home in the US while rumors spread that she was isolating away from her then-husband, Brian Austin Green.

Mega / GC Images / Via Getty

On May 16, 2020, Megan and MGK were photographed cruising around Calabasas in his Aston Martin.


They picked up food before he drove her back to her gated community. 

On May 18, 2020, Brian confirmed via his podcast that he and Megan had separated but that they’d talked about MGK.

Alexandra Wyman / Via Getty

“They’re friends at this point, and from what she’s expressed, he’s a really nice, genuine guy, and I trust her judgment,” he said

On May 20, 2020, Machine Gun Kelly dropped his “Bloody Valentine” music video starring Megan Fox.

On May 25, 2020, Megan told her boyfriend “I love you” for the first time, which he shared on Twitter a year later.

@machinegunkelly / Via Twitter: @machinegunkelly

On June 17, 2020, their relationship was officially confirmed via US Weekly.

Scott Dudelson / Getty Images

On June 23, 2020, MGK made it ~sort of~ Instagram official by sharing a picture of their matching “Bloody Valentine” manicures on his story.

On July 22, 2020, they gave their first joint interview on their Midnight in the Switchgrass director’s podcast, Give Them Lala…with Randall.

Gotham / GC Images / Via Getty

On their episode, famous astrologist Susan Miller read their charts, and she said the couple was destined to be married. 

On July 28, 2020, MGK made it officially Instagram official with this cute mirror selfie.

Before leaving for Bulgaria to shoot Till Death, Megan gave Colson a necklace containing a drop of her blood as a going away present.

On Aug. 5, 2020, Megan posted her first picture with him on Instagram.

Colson was able to join Megan in Bulgaria after Bernie Sanders helped him get a passport.

Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images for iHeartMedia

He told Ellen, “I haven’t even talked to him since this happened. Thank you so much. Thank you to the Bernie Sanders team for that. I made it to Bulgaria and the relationship’s going strong, so thank you so much.”

On Aug. 14, 2020, MGK read thirst tweets in a BuzzFeed Celeb interview. He responded to a fan tweet asking him out by confirming his relationship status.

On their first official date in September 2020, MGK convinced Megan to climb up a balcony so they could visit a rooftop where he used to hang out.

For their second date, they went swimming with sharks in Bora Bora.

On Sept. 17, 2020, the couple heard “Bloody Valentine” on the radio for the first time, and Colson captured it on video.

On Sept. 23, 2020, he told Howard Stern that he “didn’t know what [true love] was until me and [Megan] made eye contact.”

Mega / GC Images / Via Getty

He said, “That was my first experience with being open to love and stuff like that. I definitely wasn’t set up to believe that that’s something that could ever exist.”

On Sept. 30, 2020, Megan appeared in MGK’s vlog-style music video for “Drunk Face.”

UMG / Via

The video chronicled their celebrations on the day his Welcome to my Downfall album dropped. 

On Nov. 22, 2020, they made their red carpet debut as a couple, and Megan’s sleeveless dress showed off her tattoo of his nickname.

Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images for dcp

The words inked on her collarbone are “El pistolero,” which is Spanish for “gunner.” 

On Nov. 25, 2020, Megan officially filed for divorce from Brian Austin Green, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

They previously filed for divorce in 2015 but reconciled soon after.

On Jan. 30, 2021, Megan dispelled engagement rumors by posting a close-up of what people thought was an engagement ring on her Instagram story.

On Feb. 14, 2021, Megan wrote a Valentine’s Day poem for her “most unusually handsome boy.”

Around May 2021, the couple took a trip to Costa Rica so they could try taking a potentially dangerous hallucinogenic that the Indigenous people of the Amazon often use as a spiritual medicine in a “proper setting with Indigenous people.”

Jeff Bottari / Zuffa LLC / Via Getty

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she said it was “such a good bonding experience.”

On May 23, 2021, Megan, MGK, and his dyed black tongue attended the Billboard Music Awards.

Todd Williamson / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The decision to wear her now-iconic outfit was a bit challenging for Megan after returning from Costa Rica. She told InStyle that her initial response to her stylist’s outfit choice was, “I was just talking to God in the jungle. I’m not ready to wear that.”

They made a second red carpet appearance later that week on May 27 at the iHeart Radio Awards dressed like alternative Barbie and Ken.

Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images for iHeartMedia

The next day, she joined him on stage during the Indy 500 Barstool Sports party as the crowd chanted her name.

Michael Hickey / Getty Images

An eyewitness told E! News that the actor watched from the background of the stage while he performed “I Think I’m Okay.”

On June 29, 2021, production on the movie resumed.

On June 30, 2021, Megan told Fox 5 New York that her nicknames for MGK include “cookie,” “buddha,” and “booby.”

On July 7, 2021, Megan called out the sexist criticism she’s faced over their relationship because MGK is four years younger than her.

Chris Unger / Zuffa LLC / Via Getty

She told InStyle, “Granted, he’s lived like he’s 19 his whole life, but he isn’t 19. No one would blink twice if George Clooney was dating someone four years younger.”

And on July 23, 2021, Midnight in the Switchgrass will release, so we can all finally watch the movie that brought this wildly wonderful couple together.

Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images for iHeartMedia

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