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Megan Fox’s Interview Got Crashed By Her Three Children



“We just have to make it work!”

Megan Fox‘s latest interview got crashed by some very special people — and it wasn’t Machine Gun Kelly!

Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images for iHeartMedia

While speaking with the Today show, Megan’s three children made surprise guest appearances while she discussed her upcoming movie ‘Till Death.

The boys — Noah, 8, Bodhi, 7, and Journey, 4 — all popped up in the background after waking up on the couch.

“I’m in the house that we’re staying in for right now. This is the living room area and they all fell asleep on the couch last night watching a movie,” Megan explained.

She continued, “I have three boys. They are hilarious. They don’t listen to me at all.”

Megan didn’t really seem to mind her special guests in the background, adding, “It is what it is! We just have to make it work!”

She also reminisced on the boys’ younger years, sharing that she wishes she could go back in time for just a moment.

“I actually really struggle with that a lot. I cry about it all the time. My phone will send me pictures of them when they were younger, and it’s hard to look at. It’s painful to love something so much,” Megan explained.

“I feel like no matter how engaged you are or how hard you were trying at the time, you always look back and you’re like, ‘I could have been more present,'” Megan concluded.

Thankfully, Megan will have this fun memory captured on camera to look back on! You can watch her entire interview here.

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Cassidy Hutchinson Says Donald Trump Trump Was Unhinged January 6th



Cassidy Hutchinson is the most explosive witness in the investigation into the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol so far.

The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot held a hearing on Tuesday when the former aide to Donald Trump’s White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, testified Tuesday with a bombshell revelation about the former President. The 26-year-old aide recounted hearing about how President Trump was so determined to be at the Capitol on January 6th that he tried to grab the steering wheel of the presidential vehicle and lunged at his head of security after they told him he would not drive him to the riots.

Trump Tussled With Secret Service

According to The New York Times, Hutchinson testified that after Trump delivered his speech to the crowd at the Ellipse that day, she returned to the White House and saw Anthony Ornato, a senior Secret Service official who was detailed to the White House and served as deputy chief of operations. Ornato pulled her into his office, where Trump’s head of security at the time, Robert Engel, was sitting in a chair looking “somewhat discombobulated and a little lost,” she said.

Ornato allegedly told her that when Trump entered “The Beast,”  aka the president’s heavily armored SUV limousine. He still believed it would be possible for him to go to the Capitol. Engel told him they couldn’t go for security reasons, and Trump had “a very strong, very angry response,” she said she was told. She testified,

“The president said something to the effect of, ‘I’m the effing president, take me up to the Capitol now.’”

Cassidy Hutchinson Recalls Rudy Giuliani’s January 6th Excitement

Trump wasn’t the only person anxious to join the protests. Hutchinson also testified that Giuliani said to her on Jan. 2, “‘Cass, are you excited for the 6th? It’s going to be a great day.’”

CBS reports that Hutchinson testified she asked Giuliani to explain the significance of Jan. 6. He allegedly responded,

“We’re going to the Capitol. It’s going to be great. The president is going to be there; he’s going to look powerful.”

After Giuliani left the White House campus, Hutchinson said she asked Meadows about Jan. 6, and he said,”‘it sounds like we’re going to go to the Capitol. There’s a lot going on Cass, but I don’t know, things might get real, real bad on Jan. 6,’” Meadows told Hutchinson, she recalled.

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Greatest Hits 90s Hip Hop Of All Time – Hip Hop Classic Hits -BEST 90s HIP HOP MIX 2PAC, DMX, DR DRE



Greatest Hits 90s Hip Hop Of All Time – Hip Hop Classic Hits -BEST 90s HIP HOP MIX 2PAC, DMX, DR DRE
Greatest Hits 90s Hip Hop Of All Time – Hip Hop Classic Hits -BEST 90s HIP HOP MIX 2PAC, DMX, DR DRE
Greatest Hits 90s Hip Hop Of All Time – Hip Hop Classic Hits -BEST 90s HIP HOP MIX 2PAC, DMX, DR DRE
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Travis Barker’s Daughter Asks For Prayers After His Hospitalization



The reason for Travis’s hospitalization remains unclear, with reports saying that he was transported in an ambulance as Kourtney Kardashian followed close behind.

Fans are sending their love to Travis Barker who was hospitalized in Los Angeles for an undisclosed reason.

Reports say that the Blink-182 drummer and his wife, Kourtney Kardashian, arrived at West Hills Hospital on Tuesday morning to seek help for a medical issue he was experiencing.

It seems that Travis’s condition was deemed serious enough for him to be transported by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center soon after their arrival.

In photographs obtained by TMZ, Kourtney can be seen walking alongside her husband as he was being transferred on a stretcher into the ambulance. She reportedly made her way to the Medical Center separately, following close behind the emergency vehicle in her Range Rover.

Cindy Ord / Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

The reason for Travis’s hospitalization remains unclear, and there is no word on his current condition.

To make the ordeal more concerning, fans noticed that the drummer tweeted the words “God save me” at 10.45 a.m., around the time that he was believed to have been taken ill.

Twitter: @travisbarker

Without further context, it’s hard to tell whether the tweet had any relation to his hospitalization. Several fans have been quick to point out that “God Save Me” is also the title of a song he co-wrote and produced with his close collaborator, Machine Gun Kelly.

Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images for dcp

The track in question is from MGK’s album, which was released in March, and details struggles to do with fame, drug addiction, and recovery.

Scott Dudelson / Getty Images

Despite recent activity on his Twitter account, neither Travis or Kourtney have given any updates on the situation.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

His 16-year-old daughter, Alabama Barker, posted an Instagram story begging fans to “send prayers,” giving the indication that his condition may still be very serious.

Meanwhile, the musician’s 18-year-old son Landon, and 23-year-old stepdaughter Atiana, have remained silent on the matter.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images for ABA

If you’re a fan of Travis’s you’ll know that he has a pretty extensive medical history, having famously survived a deadly plane crash in 2008.

Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Six people died in the incident, leaving Travis and his friend Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein as the only survivors. Travis suffered third-degree burns on 65% of his body and spent 11 weeks in hospital as a result. He underwent 27 surgeries and almost lost a foot due to the severity of his burns.

Gregg Deguire / Getty Images

Tragically, Adam died by suicide less than a year after the incident, leaving Travis as the only living survivor of the crash.

Nick Valinote / FilmMagic

More recently in 2018, Travis was hospitalized again to treat blood clots in his arms. At this time he was also diagnosed with a staph infection and an infection of the skin called cellulitis.

Angela Weiss / AFP via Getty Images

BuzzFeed News has reached out to a representative for comment.

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