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Outer Space: "I'm So Hot," The Sun Song by StoryBots | Netflix Jr



Just how hot is the Sun? Ask the StoryBots!

The StoryBots are curious little creatures who live beneath our screens, offering a world of learning and fun for kids. Watch the Emmy Award-winning “Ask the StoryBots” now on Netflix →

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(Looking at some controls)
According to my calculations, we are now approaching the Sun.

It’s getting pretty hot in here.


I’m so hot, I’m so hot
Check me out, check me out, I’m hot

Yo, everyone, I’m the Sun
I’m made of gas like hydrogen and helium
I keep the Earth warm and help to grow food
I shine down on the beach on guys who say “Dude”
I set into the West and on comes night
And then I rise from the East with that golden light
I’m so hot – so hot – so hot and bright
28 million degrees –


I make plants grow, like trees and flowers
so powerful, got that solar power
make the desert dry, make the oceans rise
Don’t stare right at me I can hurt your eyes!
I’m just about a million miles wide
I’m so big, you could fit a million Earths inside
I’m the center of the solar system, can’t ya see
Got so much gravity, planets orbit me!
I’m four and a half billion years old
In Spanish, everybody calls me Sol
When I’m not around you’ll be feeling cold
Yeah, I shine so bright with my rays of gold

CHORUS: I’m so hot!

NEPTUNE: So hot!

CHORUS: I’m so hot!

SATURN: So hot!:

Ow! He’s right. He’s really hot!

Come on StoryBots, show me what you got
How hot am I?

So hot!

The Sun is so hot I have to wear these.
(He puts on sunglasses)
Now I’m cool.

(Putting on sunglasses too)
So cool.


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Hot or Not

Sexy Sushi Lingerie – Music Video



Normally I write lyrics first but on this occasion I made the drum beat first and then added piano sounds, then I just held the mic in my hand and sang random lyrics. Whatever came into my head. I sang the lyrics in small chunks, little phrases that were running through my head. When I felt complete expressing my random thoughts, I listened through the recording and cut and pasted the vocals (like those little magnet words on the fridge) until I had a song that kinda made sense. When I got home, I played the rough draft song to Davey and it made him laugh. I guess I created a piece of musical comedy. He said it was “strange but dope”. I like this weird song because it lifted my mood a little on a rough mental day. I created freely without censoring myself or trying to create something meaningful. It was honestly just the random words in my head (that obviously still tell you a lot about what was on my mind so there’s some meaning in that I suppose). Some of my songs are hell deep and spiritual. I’m happy to release this song into the world with a little lighthearted smirk. Enjoy!

Listen to this song on Spotify:

Maybe I really am naïve
Watch me get my hopes high
Maybe I fell in love again
With the wrong guy
What do I gotta do around here
for a little bit of sushi and some sexy lingerie
What do I gotta do around here
for a little bit more sushi and some sexy lingerie

Put paint on my skin
Give me attitudes that win at la la la la life
Drip me in some chocolate
Leave me there till noon
La la la la la la

Sometimes I forget the power in myself
Sometimes I just sit there like I’m rotting on a shelf
Maybe I really am naïve
Watch me get my hopes high
Sometimes I just sit there like I’m
Ay ya ya ya

I’d eat sushi everyday
If my credit card would pay
But they ask me to pay them back
la la la la life

Love & Rainbows,

→ Listen to my music (Spotify):

♡ Explore my online art shop:

→ Take my yoga classes:

♡ hang out with me everyday in my studio:


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HOT Shuffle Dance Music Mix 2020 🎶 Shuffle Remixes Of Popular Dance 🎶 Melbourne Bounce Mix #80



HOT Shuffle Dance Music Mix 2020 🎶 Shuffle Remixes Of Popular Dance 🎶 Melbourne Bounce Mix #80
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#ShuffleDanceClub #MusicMix2020 #Dance


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