Romany Malco’s new film ‘Tijuana Jackson’ stars Regina Hall and Tami Roman

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Romany Malco has been playing a character called Tijuana Jackson for years now. Tijauna is a “life coach” and motivational speaker who has served a bit of time in the penitentiary system. Like many brothas, Tijuana learned a lot about himself while inside. They locked his body but couldn’t trap his mind.

Tijuana was recently released from his oppressor’s confines and in his self-titled film, he’s looking to find meaning in his new life. His freedom leads him on a search for purpose and his path is the purest comedy. Once he realizes the power of the spoken word, Tijuana sets himself on a path to help and enrich the lives of others who might be struggling the way he once was.

Playing Tijuana’s probation officer is the incomparable Regina Hall. We can’t even express how much we love this lady and her timing, delivery, and attitude are pitch-perfect for this role.

For her part, Tami Roman plays Sharea Jackson, TJ’s sister and greatest foil. She STAYS on his a$$ about one thing or another and at times you might even ask yourself, “Does she even LIKE her brother?!” The love is there, but Tami plays one helluva tough cookie. Pretty on-brand if you ask us.

Press play and peep both trailers to Tijuana Jackson.

The red band trailer is below.

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