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Stunts Actors Did Vs. Ones Done By Stunt Doubles



No one in the world is more stressed than whoever handles Tom Cruise’s insurance.


Remember that scene in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark where our hero outruns a boulder? Harrison Ford actually did that. Ten times. The fiberglass and plaster boulder weighed 300 pounds and “might have crushed the star” if he hadn’t been so quick on his feet. Said director Steven Spielberg, “He was lucky. And I was an idiot for letting him try it.”


AnnaSophia Robb played Bethany Hamilton, a surfer who lost her left arm to a shark attack when she was 13, in the movie Soul Surfer. Robb trained in surfing for six weeks, but all of the one-armed surfing stunts were done by none other than the real-life Bethany Hamilton.

Hamilton said that she believed Soul Surfer was “one of the best surf Hollywood films ever made, in my opinion.”


Guy Norris, the supervising stunt coordinator on Mad Max: Fury Road, choreographed the action of the sequence where Max is running from the War Boys specifically so that Tom Hardy (Max) could do all of his own stunts. Norris aimed to create “a foot chase with same intensity as a car chase.”

The most complicated part of the sequence came at the very end, when Max leapt for freedom and the War Boys dragged him back in. But, Norris said, “Tom did it all.”


Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s stunt double Sophia Crawford, who worked with her on the first four seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, took over during the first fight between Buffy and her Slayer-gone-bad counterpart Faith. Karen Sheperd and Mike Massa were doubles for Faith and Angel, respectively.


According to Atomic Blonde stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave, Charlize Theron did “98 percent of her own action including fighting, running and those kinds of things.” She skipped only a few stunts that she was prevented from attempting due to insurance reasons, including falling down the stairs, so her double Monique Ganderton stepped in for those.

Theron cracked two teeth and bruised her ribs while filming the movie’s fight sequences.

Focus Features / Courtesy Everett Collection


Vic Armstrong was Harrison Ford’s stunt double for the first three Indiana Jones movies, and in Raiders of the Lost Ark, you can spot Armstrong jumping from a horse onto a tank.

Armstrong jokingly said that the most difficult part of working on the films was stopping Ford from attempting the most dangerous tricks.

Getty / Vivien Killilea / WireImage


When the script for the Malcolm in the Middle Season 1 episode “The Bots and the Bees” called for Bryan Cranston‘s character Hal to cover his body in 10,000 live bees, Cranston himself volunteered for the terrifying task. The “bee handler” used pheromones to attract the insects to Cranston, and then smoked the bees so that they would be more “docile.” Incredibly, Cranston was only stung once.


Heidi Moneymaker has been the stunt double behind Scarlett Johansson‘s Black Widow since the character’s debut in Iron Man 2. She’s pulled off many, many stunts, including one from The Avengers where she jumped on Captain America’s shield and he propelled her upwards.


In Star Wars: A New Hope, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) are forced by pursuing Stormtroopers to swing on a rope across a chasm in the Death Star. Hamill and Fisher did the stunt themselves, and when someone asked Fisher if she trusted Mark, she quipped, “The rope was the one to trust.”


During the fight between the Bride and O-Ren Ishii in Kill Bill: Volume 1, you can catch a lot of Uma Thurman‘s stunt double Zoë Bell. Quentin Tarantino treated Bell like an actor, and would ask her questions about the psychological motivations behind her character’s incredible physical feats.

Here’s a clip about Zoë Bell’s stunt work:

View this video on YouTube

Zoë Bell / Via

The fight itself is age restricted, so you’ll have to venture to YouTube yourself to find it.


Chloë Grace Moretz did the majority of her own stunts in Kick-Ass and its sequel, an experience she said gave her “so much physical confidence.”


Luci Romberg is Melissa McCarthy‘s stunt double, and she works with the actor so consistently that McCarthy had Romberg written into her contract. One of the most dangerous things she pulled off was hanging off of a helicopter in Spy.


Carrie Fisher was asked if she wanted a stunt double during the scene in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi when Leia kills Jabba the Hutt, but she emphatically refused. She later explained it was “the best time I ever had as an actor” and said that the “only reason to go into acting is if you can kill a giant monster.”


Cary Elwes did a lot of his own stunts in The Princess Bride, but he wasn’t the one to pull off that double flip during the duel between Inigo Montoya and Westley. A professional acrobat was brought in to make those cinematic gymnastics happen.


While filming Spider-Man: Far From Home, Zendaya (MJ) and Tom Holland (Spider-Man) were lifted about 110 feet in the air for a swinging stunt. Then, the director decided to reshoot the scene with the actors suspended only two feet off of the ground, and according to Zendaya, that low-stakes redo somehow looked better. But regardless of what ended up in the final film, she still did that stunt, damn it!


The other stunt Cary Elwes didn’t do himself in The Princess Bride was the long tumble down the hill he takes just before Buttercup realizes his true identity. (It’s the one where he’s yelling, “As you wish!”)


Kristen Stewart did her own horseback riding in Snow White and the Huntsman, despite the fact that she, in her own words, “hate[s] ’em.” She traces her phobia back to a childhood incident where she fell off a horse and broke her arm.


Crazy, Stupid, Love used a stunt double in place of Emma Stone during the scene where Ryan Gosling’s character shows off using the Dirty Dancing lift. Stone tried to do the move herself, but having been traumatized by a childhood experience when she fell in a gymnastics class and broke both her arms, she was like “a possum who had fallen from a tree.” She took the day off to watch Labyrinth in bed and recover, and the scene was reimagined so that it could be shot through a window in the rain, disguising the double.


Daniel Craig is known for doing his own stunts as James Bond, including one moment in Quantum Of Solace where he jumped out of a three-story building and landed on top of a moving bus. According to chief stunt coordinator Gary Powell, Craig is “not a lover of heights” but did the sequence anyways, even though he had to jump before the bus was even underneath him.


While Liam Neeson did his own fight choreography in the Taken films, whenever his character needed to be captured “flying through glass” or “jumping buildings,” his friend and stunt double Mark Vanselow took charge.


Isla Fisher was really chained up in a water tank while filming Now You See Me, but the mechanism that was supposed to safely release her failed and she ended up stuck underwater for almost three minutes. People watching the scene didn’t realize she was in trouble, and thought that she was just “acting fabulously.”


Bobby Holland Hanton, Chris Hemsworth‘s Thor stunt double, severely injured himself while standing in for the actor during the gladiatorial fight between Thor and the Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok. He (and I’ll warn you now, this is graphic) “snapped my groin off the bone” while doing a “jumping flip kick.” He healed up just fine, but it “took a little while,” which I can only assume is a massive understatement.


In Back to the Future Part III, Michael J. Fox‘s character Marty McFly is almost hanged, until Doc Brown shoots the rope and frees him. While shooting the scene, the rope was too tight around Fox’s neck, and he briefly lost consciousness before anyone realized something was wrong. Fox wrote in his memoir, “I swung unconscious at the end of the rope for several seconds before Bob Zemeckis, fan of me though he was, realized even I wasn’t that good of an actor.”


Caity Lotz does a lot of her own fighting as her Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow character Sara Lance, but she leaves “taking falls or getting hit or being thrown across the room” to her “awesome” stunt double. She also doesn’t like to risk scenes where she’s thrown through glass, because the timing is so tricky and it can be a risky thing to pull off.


The “craziest stunt” Daniel Radcliffe was ever allowed to perform himself in the Harry Potter films can be found in the fourth entry, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. While filming the sequence when Harry is running from the dragon, Radcliffe was attached to a 40-foot wire that was only there to catch him at the very end of being “properly in free fall.” He was 15 at the time.


In Unstoppable, Chris Pine‘s character had to jump from a moving truck onto a moving train. Pine’s stunt double Daniel Stevens did the trick, “all without using safety lines.” Stevens named it as his most memorable stunt experience so far.


You can’t talk about actors doing their own stunts without mentioning Tom Cruise, who is famed for putting the “action” in “action movie star.” One of his most incredible feats is the time he held onto an Airbus A400M as it took off in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Airbus said it was “impossible,” but despite the many dangers involved — including the fact that “no harness in the world” could keep Cruise attached if the pilot went too fast, and the possibility a bird could hit him with the impact of a “cannonball” — Cruise made it happen.


Adrianne Palicki starred as Ms. Perkins in John Wick, and though she was certainly up for the challenge of doing her own fight choreography, her stunt double Renae Moneymaker (sister of Heidi Moneymaker, Black Widow’s double) stepped in when the time came for John Wick to throw Ms. Perkins through a glass window.


And finally, here’s another absurd Tom Cruise one. For Mission Impossible: Fallout, Cruise got certified as a helicopter pilot in six weeks, whereas it normally takes three months, by training 16 hours a day. At certain points during the chase scene, Cruise was dangerously close to the other helicopter, and visibility was low. Despite the imminent doom, Cruise was apparently “having the time of his life.”

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Johnny Depp’s Former Agent Said He Was “Unprofessional”



The agent’s testimony contradicted Depp’s argument that he lost out on work due to Amber Heard’s op-ed about being a victim of domestic violence.

Johnny Depp’s former agent testified about the decline of his Hollywood star power.

Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard are currently embroiled in a highly public courtroom battle, taking place in Fairfax, Virginia.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

The 58-year-old is suing Heard for $50 million, citing defamation over an op-ed she wrote for the Washington Post in 2018.

John Phillips / UK Press via Getty Images

The article detailed Heard’s experience as a survivor of domestic abuse and was headlined: “I Spoke Up Against Sexual Violence — and Faced Our Culture’s Wrath. That Has to Change.”

Stephane Cardinale – Corbis / Corbis via Getty Images

Though Heard didn’t name Depp in the op-ed, the actor and his attorneys argue that she indirectly framed him as an abuser and significantly damaged his reputation and career as a result.

Tristan Fewings / Getty Images

In turn, Heard filed a $100 million counterclaim of her own, alleging that Depp and his legal team defamed her by discrediting her abuse allegations as “fake” and a “hoax.”

The case got underway on April 11 and is headed into its 20th day of trial.

Steve Helber / POOL/AFP via Getty Images

A large portion of Depp’s defamation claim centers around the demise of his acting career — namely, a role in the sixth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Steve Granitz / WireImage

Depp, his legal team, and his current talent agent claim that he lost out on a role in the movie — and a reported $22.5 million payout — because of the allegations in Heard’s op-ed.

However, Depp’s former longtime agent testified Thursday that the actor’s struggle to land leading roles was a result of his own actions.

Steve Helber / POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Tracey Jacobs is a top agent at United Talent Agency and represented Depp for 30 years. He fired her — along with his longtime lawyer and management firm — in October 2016.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Testifying via video link as a witness for Heard, Jacobs said that representing Depp became “far more complicated” in the last 10 years that they worked together, claiming that he developed a poor reputation for his “unprofessional behavior” on movie sets.

Shawn Thew / POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Depp was “showing up late to set consistently on virtually every movie,” Jacobs said, adding that she had warned Depp about how his actions could impact his career.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

“I would get yelled at,” she testified. “I never said to him, ‘You’re a difficult client.’ I never used those words. But I was very honest with him and said, ‘You’ve got to stop doing this. This is hurting you.’ And it did.”

Despite confronting her client, Jacobs said his behavior on set didn’t change.

Shawn Thew / POOL/AFP via Getty Images

“Initially, crews loved him because he was always so great with the crew. But crews don’t love sitting around for hours and hours and hours waiting for the star of the movie to show up,” she said.

When asked by Heard’s attorney if part of his unprofessional behavior included the increased use of alcohol and drugs, Jacobs testified that it did, later adding that “people were talking” within the industry about his behavior.

Consolidated News Pictures / Getty Images

“His star had dimmed due to it getting harder to get him jobs,” Jacobs said. “People were talking. The question was out there about his behavior.”

Because of this, Jacobs said studios had become “reluctant” to cast Depp in their projects.

Steve Helber / POOL/AFP via Getty Images

“It also got around town. I mean, people talk; it’s a small community,” she said. “It made people reluctant to use him toward the end [of our time working together].”

Jim Watson / POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Jacobs’ testimony contradicted Depp and his team’s argument that he was axed from the sixth Pirates movie because of the fallout from Heard’s op-ed.

Jesse Grant / Getty Images for Disney

Depp’s current talent manager, Jack Whigham, previously testified that he had “closed a deal” for his client to star in the sixth Pirates installment, but that in early 2019, “it became clear [producers at Disney] were going in a different direction” that did not include Depp.

He attributed this decision to the fallout from Heard’s op-ed, which he said was “catastrophic” for Depp’s career.

“After the op-ed, it was impossible to get him a studio film, which is what we normally would have been focused on in that time period,” Whigham testified.

During his cross-examination, Heard’s attorney argued that there was no written proof of evidence stating Depp’s involvement in the sixth Pirates movie.

Vcg / Visual China Group via Getty Images

Whigham — who previously claimed that Depp was set to earn $22.5 million for the role — responded that he would occasionally use verbal agreements when negotiating a client’s pay for a potential project.

Kristy Sparow / Getty Images for Disney

“It would be fair to say I have never seen a document…I have not seen ‘22 million’ written down on a page, you’re correct about that,” Whigham said.

In her testimony, Jacobs also said that she did not recall ever being involved in negotiations regarding Depp’s future involvement in the sixth Pirates movie.

Srdjan Stevanovic / Getty Images

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Bobby Brown Says Whitney Houston Would Still Be Alive If They Hadn’t Divorced In Upcoming Documentary



It’s been 10 years since Whitney Houston’s tragic passing, and Bobby Brown believes that she might still be with us had they mended their marriage.

In an upcoming documentary about his life, Bobby reflects on his relationship with Whitney and their struggles with substance abuse. He shares that he started his journey to recovery before his late ex-wife did, which caused a riff in their marriage, and believes that Whitney would still be alive if they hadn’t gotten a divorce.

I think we could have helped each other out. I think she’d still be here if we hadn’t divorced.”

Despite the ups and downs the star-studded couple shared, Bobby says he did not want to get a divorce, and the decision was made by Whitney, her family and her team. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Bobby revealed that he got clean 7 years before their split. He also shared that after their divorce, he believed Houston was in recovery until he received the news of her passing.

It was really rough because I was so addicted. I had to be put into medical detox. And then the Bible got me through. It was about getting healthier for my daughter [Bobbi Kristina] and for the rest of my kids. I thought she was getting herself together. I didn’t think she would turn back.”

Just three years after Houston’s death, Bobby and Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown died after being found unresponsive in her Georgia townhouse. Bobbi Kristina was in a coma for six months, and passed away due to pneumonia as drug related causes.

Since then, Bobby continued to struggle with alcohol addiction and was admitted to a treatment facility in 2020. Nevertheless, he’s still working to maintain his sobriety.

I work hard at staying sober every day of my life and it’s going to be that way for the rest of my life and I know that.”

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