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The Princesscore Aesthetic Is on My Mind, so I Dressed as a Princess for the Day



I’ll admit I’ve always wanted to be a princess. As a little girl, I was all about the classic Disney princess (especially Belle from Beauty and the Beast). Something about the fantasy, romance, and whimsical fairytale vibes has just always captured a special place in my heart. My mother and father used to have to sit in costume stores for hours while I would try on princess dresses, put on my plastic version of glass slippers, and twirl around the store pretending like I was a character from one of my favorite princess storybooks. As I’ve grown older, of course, my love for all things princesses has slightly subsided.

However, it seems that our interest in all things Meghan Markle and the royal family—and I could never leave out the Bridgerton effect—has reignited many of our desires to add dainty princess elements to our wardrobes, cultivating an aesthetic called princesscore. I’ve seen sprinkles of princesscore everywhere from the runways to street style trends. Whether you’re looking for over-the-top glamorous princesscore vibes with opera gloves, romantic ruffles, clear heels that look Cinderella-like, and luxe fabrics with corseting or you’re more into the vibes of a woodland princess with floral patterns, puff sleeves, and dainty lace detailing, this trend is now easier than ever to incorporate into your style. 

While searching for the perfect pretty princesscore pieces, I came across 30 that I absolutely adore, but I couldn’t stop there. Since once a wannabe princess, always a wannabe princess, I decided to take things into my own hands, embrace all things princesscore, and dress like a princess all around New York City. 

Keep scrolling to shop the princesscore items that I’m absolutely obsessed with and what a day in the life dressed as a New York City princess looks like.

When it comes to princesscore vibes, a corset is at the top of the list. 

The perfect princess-y dress for a wedding. 

Obsessed with the little ties and cutouts on this dress. 

The bustier detail on this dress just screams princess. 

This satin dress is a major moment.  

I feel like I’m straight out of a fairytale when wearing this dress. 

For the princess who likes to pair her corsets with denim. 

A dainty floral midi with pockets? I’m obsessed. 

A gown truly fit for a princess. 

Wow, I think I’m in love. 

This minidress is giving major princess vibes.

For those of us who prefer a headband to a crown. 

Not your average headband. 

How sweet is this satin headband?

Sometimes you need a good sleeve-and-bow set. 

The most glam silk opera gloves I’ve seen in a while. 

A princess version of the little black dress. 

This look is a show stopper. 

Hello, lover. 

A lovely little lace moment. 

For the princess that’s a little more daring. 

Even princesses need a good black going-out top. 

The ultimate lace-up corset. 

For the simple yet elevated princess. 

Go big or go home. 

It really doesn’t get more royal than this. 

How darling is this bow?

Someone call Cinderella. 

No debate, these are princess shoes for sure. 

For the princess who likes to party. 

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Second Life Podcast: Kimberly Snyder




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When chatting about footwear styles that should actually be avoided, he called out sock sneakers. “While they may feel comfortable snugging the top of your foot, they’re not advisable shoes because they provide no support to the top and outside of your foot, which can easily lead to an ankle sprain,” he explained. Woof.

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