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Top Hits 2022 🎧 Pop Music Playlist 2022 🎶 New Music 2022 🎤 Top Pop Songs Playlist



Top Pop Songs 2022 Playlist! Enjoy all of the New Pop Songs 2021 / New Pop Songs 2022 on this Best Pop Music Playlist. 90 minutes of the Top Hits 2021 / Top Hits 2022 you know and love! Our Pop Playlist features all of the best Pop Songs and Pop Hits for you to sing along to! Top Hits Playlist 2022.

Top Hits 2022 🎧 Pop Music Playlist 2022 🎶 New Music 2022 with new hits from Doja Cat, Ed Sheeran, Adele, Justin Bieber, Olivia Rodrigo, and more!

Enjoy the Top 40 Hits This Week 2022, Top Billboard Songs 2022, and the best New Pop Music 2022 on this Top Hits Playlist 2022 / Top Hits 2022 Playlist! This New Music Playlist 2022 / New Music 2022 Playlist features all the Popular Songs 2022 you know and love! the best New English Songs 2022.

Top Pop Songs 2021 / Top Pop Songs 2022 – The Best Top Pop

Copyright Disclaimer – This video features completely original renditions of the hit songs you know and love. No third party sound recordings are featured in this video.

This playlist features new Harry Styles songs 2022, new Doja Cat songs 2022, new Ed Sheeran Songs 2022, new Olivia Rodrigo songs 2022, new Justin Bieber songs 2022, new Adele songs 2022, new The Kid Laroi songs 2022, new Lil Nas X songs 2022 and all the best new pop songs 2022 has to offer!

Enjoy the Top 40 Hits This Week 2021, Top Billboard Songs 2021, and the best New Pop Music 2021 on this Top Hits Playlist 2021 / Top Hits 2021 Playlist! This New Music Playlist 2021 / New Music 2021 Playlist features all the Popular Songs 2021 you know and love! the best New English Songs 2021.

TOP 40 Songs of 2021 2022 (Best Hit Music Playlist) on Spotify. Top 40 Songs Playlist / Top 40 Pop Songs Playlist

Top Hits 2022 🎧 Pop Music Playlist 2022 🎶 New Music 2022 (Doja Cat Ed Sheeran Adele Justin Bieber)

Top Pop Music Mix / New Pop Music Mix – The best New Songs 2022 on our New Songs Playlist 2022. Top Songs Playlist 2022 / Top Songs 2022 Playlist. Best Pop Music 2021 / Best Pop Music 2022 Playlist.

This video features a variety of the artists you know and love! Doja Cat Playlist / Doja Cat Greatest Hits, Ed Sheeran Playlist / Ed Sheeran Greatest Hits, Harry Styles Playlist / Harry Styles Greatest Hits , Olivia Rodrigo Playlist / Olivia Rodrigo Greatest Hits, Justin Bieber Playlist / Justin Bieber Greatest Hits, Adele Playlist / Adele Greatest Hits, The Kid LAROI Playlist / The Kid LAROI Greatest Hits , Lil Nas X Playlist / Lil Nas X Greatest Hits , Glass Animals Playlist / Glass Animals Greatest Hits

Hit New Song Playlist 2022 / Hit New Songs Playlist 2022

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New BMW M3 Touring – it's a record-breaker!




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Introducing the world’s first BMW M3 Touring!

That’s right, BMW’s legendary performance saloon is now available as an estate, and Mat’s about to run you through everything you need to know!

For starters, let’s discuss performance. And it’ll come as no surprise that the M3 Touring comes with the same power unit as the saloon! What that means is you’ll find the same 3-litre twin-turbo straight-six under the bonnet, with the same power output of 510hp & 650Nm of torque.

In terms of the design, it’s all pretty similar up front, too, with the Touring looking identical to the saloon. Naturally, though, that big boot means it’s heavier than the saloon, weighing in at 1,865kg – an 85kg increase.

Trust us though, this estate is going to be pretty damn fast… BMW has confirmed that the M3 Touring has set a lap record around the Nurburgring for a production estate car!

It’ll cost from £80,550, which is £13,000 more than an RS4 Avant… But is it worth it? Stick with Mat to see for yourself!



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Lorde's DIVISIVE "Solar Power"




Lorde’s third studio album, “Solar Power”, released August 20th of 2021 is still a record that can spark debate amongst fans and critics. This is pretty surprising given the way her first two efforts, “Pure Heroine” and “Melodrama” were stacked with dozens of awards, nominations and critical acclaim.

Her 2013 hit single “Royals” has become one of the best selling digital songs ever with twenty-two million units sold worldwide and ten million in the United States alone as of 2014. The song reached No. 1 on eighteen official charts across ten different countries.

Both of Lorde’s first two albums found themselves on multiple Year-End, Decade-End and All Time lists for albums. Additionally, “Pure Heroine” has sold over six million copies worldwide as of 2021. It should be noted that though “Melodrama” didn’t prove to be a sales giant, it critically was a darling.

If we look at “Solar Power” within the last year, it’s hard to find anything comparable to its predecessors; both of which achieved impressive feats within their first year of release – and sometimes, within only months of release.

The album’s chart and sales performance exhibit a stark difference, and much deliberation over the record’s quality seems to overshadow the music itself at times. So let’s look briefly into the development of “Solar Power” and then focus on the album’s reception to see why it is so divisive.

As we continue, let me know how you think “Solar Power” stacks up against her other albums and be sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to stay connected to your favorite pop stars. Let’s get into Lorde’s DIVISIVE “Solar Power” right now on Pop Dissected.
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Intro / Outro Music: “I Know Better” by CAROLINE​​​​​​​​…
Official Website:​​​​…
(Any and all music, music videos, photos and live performances are included solely for educational and entertainment purposes. All rights of official and live performances, music videos and photos belong to their respective owners.)


“A World Alone” at Parco Della Musica in Rome, Italy

“Ribs” at Kulturhalle Zenith in Munich, Germany

“Perfect Places” & “Solar Power” at Meridian Hall in Toronto, Canada

“Supercut” at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Fransisco, California

“Fallen Fruit” (Official Video)

“Leader of a New Regime” (Official Video)

“Mood Ring” (Official Video)

“Secrets from a Girl (Who’s Seen it All)

“Solar Power” (Official Video)

Lorde Wins Best Pop Solo Performance at the 2014 Grammys

“Sunrise Over Big Data Country” by Dan Bodan

“Song of Sadhana” by Jesse Gallagher

All background footage acquired via Pexels, “the best free stock photos, royalty free images a videos shared by creators”.
Thank you to Oleksandr Pidvalnyi for uploading “View of a Golden Sunset”!
#Lorde #SolarPower #Melodrama #PureHeroine #PopDissected


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"Happy 80th Birthday Paul" Paul McCartney & Jon Bon Jovi@East Rutherford, NJ 6/16/22




Jon Bon Jovi Brings Birthday Cake (80) out to Paul before the song Birthday & Helter Skelter, Paul McCartney & Jon Bon Jovi, MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey; June 16th, 2022; Got Back North American Tour, (New York area)


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