TWICE Forsees Girl Group’s Future on ‘Seize the Light’ Docuseries Finale

TWICE shed many tears during the finale of the K-pop girl group’s YouTube Originals docuseries TWICE: Seize the Light that wrapped up footage of their Twicelight World Tour journey.

As much as the COVID-19 pandemic abruptly shortened their international jaunt, TWICE has yet to determine if it’s the end of the nine-member troupe as its loyal fanbase ONCE knows it. But in each member’s interviews parsed throughout the 22-minute episode posted on YouTube today (June 24), closing out this chapter of their career doesn’t mean saying goodbye to each other forever.

“If we are not TWICE, then I’d hope we’d get together regularly. Of course, TWICE and ONCE would have the same thought, but we never know,” Sana said toward the end of the clip.

Tzuyu chimed in by determining the different solo paths some of the unnamed girls might embark on. “Someone can choose to pursue acting. Someone may try going solo,” she said. “There’s also a member who likes to draw. There could be someone who’d pursue art. I think ONCE will be growing with us.”

Through whimsical music video shoots, comical reality show filming sessions and more, the glitz and glam and even goofiness of the nine girls were met with happy tears. Jihyo pinpointed a few touching on-stage moments of her fellow TWICE members crying out of gratitude for ONCE.

“The theme of [the YouTube Originals docuseries] was the tour, so I was really missing doing concerts. There have been many that got canceled,” Nayeon said. “I felt how precious the moments with fans at concerts were. I could also see room for improvement for our new performances in the future.”

Like Nayeon, not everyone sees TWICE calling it a quits forever.

Watch the final episode of TWICE: Seize the Light below.

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