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Tyler the Creator Apologizes to Selena Gomez in New Song



Tyler The Creator’s new song features an apology to Selena Gomez.

On Friday (June 25), the 30-year-old music mogul released his latest record, Call Me If You Get Lost. On the track “Manifesto,” he apologizes to Gomez for his past negative comments and tweets about her.

“I was canceled before canceled was with Twitter fingers / Protestin’ outside my shows, I gave them the middle finger / I was a teener, tweetin’ Selena crazy s— / Didn’t wanna offend her, apologize when I seen her / Back when I was tryna f— Bieber,” he raps.

Justin Bieber and Gomez dated on and off between late 2010 until early 2018. Tyler The Creator is a friend of Bieber’s and at the time, the rapper tweeted numerous vulgar things at her.

“Selena Gomez is now 18, so she can now legally take my d—,” he tweeted, along with at least two other NSFW tweets that have since been deleted. Genius reported that his extremely gross tweets landed him a temporary Twitter suspension.

In a 2013 interview with Power 106 FM Los Angeles, Tyler revealed that he did not get along with her while she was dating his friend.

“No, we don’t like each other,” he told the outlet. “Cause, you know like kicking it with Justin, that’s my homeboy—she always be mean mugging me. Like why are you hating on me?”

Listen to “Manifesto,” below.

Celebrities Involved in Career-Ending Scandals


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Jedward’s Sold Out Concert At London’s Camden Assembly Was Extraordinary!



The Jedward journey continued last night with an extraordinary sold out show at London’s Camden Assembly. 

Singing most of the same set as the Manchester show, they added several more from their latest album ‘Voice Of A Rebel’, including ‘Thirsty’, and ‘Follow My Whispers’. 

The show coincided with London’s Pride Parade, and so John and Edward highlighted the event, borrowing a Pride flag from the audience while singing their song, ‘Good Vibes’, which contains the lyric, “pour me a rainbow I need colour again”. They also gave a call out to the LGBTQIA community – adding a letter J (for Jedward) to the end.

Like the previous evening, there were several songs sung a Capella, as well as the acoustic session – ‘Nothing Compares 2U’, ‘Wonderwall’, and ‘Teenage Dirtbag’, and a mashup of three of their songs, ‘Never Better’, ‘What’s Your Number?’, and ‘Girl Like You’.

Just like the Manchester show, a lot of the newer members of the audience have come from discovering Jedward on TikTok, which is clearly a great platform for them. London has always been a major hub for Jedward, and so it should come as no surprise that this show sold out; it was great to see fans new and old mingling and enjoying each other’s company, united in the shared love of John and Edward.

The Jedward Juggernaut moves tonight to Glasgow’s G2 at the Garage. Limited tickets are still available via Ticketweb.

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What Song Does Eddie Munson Play in ‘Stranger Things’ Finale?



There’s a lot on the minds of Stranger Things fans after the Season 4 finale. But now, fans have the answer to what song Eddie Munson performed during the final episode of the show.

Warning: Stranger Things Season 4 spoilers ahead!

Earlier this month when the Stranger Things teaser trailer was released, fans saw that Eddie would be playing the guitar on top of a trailer in the Upside Down during a lightning storm.

TikTok users began analyzing the clip to see what chords he was playing to see if they could determine what song he would be performing. Some TikTokers theorized that it was Europe’s “The Final Countdown” while some correctly figured out the tune.

Eddie Munson (played by Joseph Quinn) dedicated the song to Chrissy before breaking out into an epic guitar solo. The song turned out to be “Master of Puppets” by Metallica. The song is the title track from the band’s 1986 record.

This season, other artists like KISS, Journey, Talking Heads, The Beach Boys and Kate Bush had their music featured in the hit 80’s-themed Netflix series. Quinn actually used music to get into his character.

“I listened to a lot of heavy metal and that was my… God, it’s impossible to not sound pretentious when you say it, but, yeah, that was my way in,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

Prior to filming, Quinn actually began playing guitar after watching Jack Black in the 2003 cult-classic School of Rock.

“I’ve played since I was 7, and I’ve had huge breaks,” he shared. “I wouldn’t consider myself a brilliant guitarist, but I can play it. That was very lucky because those scripts came out, I think, at some point in the pandemic. I did start practicing pretty furiously.”

Watch the epic scene, below.

1980s Child and Teen TV Stars: Where Are They Now?

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Jedward Wow In Packed Out Show At Manchester’s Factory – A Brilliant Start To Their 3 Date ‘Voice Of A Rebel’ UK Tour



Starting their 3 date tour in legendary Manchester venue The Factory, the Irish duo had fans both young and old, long standing and brand new, local and from abroad. Many had travelled to the show, the first since the advent of the Covid-19 Pandemic, not just from around the UK and Ireland, but also from as far flung locations as Canada.

Jedward have been going strong since their start back in 2009, with many of their fans loyal to them since those early days, while others have joined along the way. I’ve only been a part for their journey since 2011, but when you’re a Jedward fan, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been there from day one or from today; what’s important is that you’re there.

Jedward’s current UK tour, takes in 3 dates, Manchester last night, London tonight, and Glasgow tomorrow. The tour is to promote their 2019 album, ‘Voice Of A Rebel’, which was entirely written and produced by John and Edward themselves (with 22 songs!), and while this might seem a long gap between album and concerts, we all know what state the world has been in. Jedward will be releasing their 5th album later this year, and that one will also have a tour, hopefully not with a 3 year gap! You can bet this writer will be joining that tour too!

John and Edward came on stage at 8pm and didn’t stop their high energy performance until just after 10. With four albums under their belts, plus some 13 non-album singles, there were plenty of songs to choose from, and in addition to their album tracks, they had their now well-established acoustic session, which sees John playing guitar and singing, with Edward’s accompaniment. As a special treat for the locals, they performed a rousing rendition of the Oasis classic, ‘Wonderwall’, which went down an absolute storm, the audience belting out every word. 

And that’s the thing about Jedward fans. They sing. They sing every word, they know every song. Detractors of Jedward presume that they and their fans only know pop and of that only Jedward’s version of it. But John and Edward themselves are known to have encyclopaedic musical knowledge, and have great memories for massive catalogues of songs – in addition to their own. They also added a fair few a Capella renditions of some of their own songs and covers, proving (as always) the haters wrong, and singing them pitch perfect. 

As this was the first concert of the tour, and with many doing all three dates, the Manchester show covered a wide range of songs from across the entire Jedwardian era – songs such as Ghostbusters and All The Small Things made the cut, alongside their two Eurovision entries, Lipstick and Waterline (the former getting a reprise later in the show), and newer tracks such as the title track from the Voice Of A Rebel album, and crowd favourite, the absolute banger, Extraordinary. Tonight we are promised some more of their later tracks, and I for one am furiously refreshing my memory of all the words.

Jedward perform at the Camden Assembly tonight. This date is completely sold out. Tomorrow night they will be at The Garage, Glasgow.

Manchester set list:




Respect Your Dreams

Happens In The Dark

Bodies In Action

Young Love

(Acoustic session): 

  • Wonderwall
  • Nothing Compares 2U
  • Teenage Dirtbag
  • As It Was

Teenage Runaway

Bad Behaviour

Hold The World (a Capella)

Go Getter (a Capella)

Soul Crushing

All The Small Things

Can’t Forget You

Spice Things Up


Under Pressure/Ice Ice Baby

Everyday Superstar

Numb (a Capella)

You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful (a Capella)

Phoenix Wings

Good Vibes


Voice Of A Rebel

Free Spirit (a Capella)

Mr Brightside (a Capella)

Taste The Heat


Lipstick (reprise)

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