Unique Clay Dies From COVID-19

There’s another unfortunate case of a black woman dying in connection with childbirth. Another case that absolutely didn’t have to happen.

The family of a Chicago woman is reeling after she passed away from COVID-19 just days after delivering her child. Unique Clay, a 31-year-old essential postal worker from Chicago, Illinois, welcomed her third child on April 30. Doctors at the University of Chicago Medical Center apparently discharged her even though she tested positive for COVID-19 during childbirth, her family told Good Morning America.

She died less than a week later.

“My sister is not here and it hurts…it’s heartbreaking,” Clay’s sister, Dajah Brown said noting that Unique had asthma. With that in mind, it’s absolutely mindblowing that the hospital would send her home with a newborn to fight COVID-19 on her own.


“When she was in labor, she was running a fever, and they gave her the test for the COVID,” Clay’s father, Alan Brown, told Fox 6 Now. “When they did let her go home, they gave her ibuprofen, and we were told from watching the news that that feeds the virus itself. You’re supposed to give them Tylenol.”

So far the hospital isn’t offering any answers, just condolences. In a statement to ABC News, the hospital extended its deepest sympathy to the family but said it “could not comment on individual cases due to patient privacy laws.”

It’s unclear if Unique suffered from any pre-existing medical conditions besides asthma prior to contracting the virus.

This is such a sad case and it absolutely sounds like a lawsuit will be pending.

We hope the family and friends of Unique Clay get justice for her death.

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