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Veve C Speaks To Us About Her New Single, ‘Breeze’, Her Album, ‘Veveology’, And Who Most Inspires Her



You’ll have just read our review of ‘Breeze’, by up and coming hip hop artist Veve C. Now read what she has to say in answer to our questions.

Family is clearly important to you – your album, ‘Veveology’ was produced, engineered, and mixed by your younger brother, and you honed your sound in your Dad’s studio. What inspiring things have you learned from your family that you take with you in your life every day?

 I always say that I’m extremely grateful to have the family dynamic that I have and the fact that I have an AMAZINGLY talented younger brother who created my beats and engineered my sounds and a great supportive father who manages everything we do to be successful. Growing up, I would watch my dad djay and watch how he used his vinyls with the needle lining up on the disc and it gave me inspiration to follow suit in music. Although I wasn’t as determined in becoming a DJ I always had fun mixing different songs together and that helped motivate me to create my own music.

When it comes to my family we focus on the foundation that was built and our family is built on love and strength. I’m so happy and fortunate that we were able to save up to buy equipment to later create our own home studio to create the music you’re hearing now.

Similarly, what musical artists have inspired you, and why?

To be honest, there are so many artists that I looked up to from the time I was as little as 3 listening to classics of Michael Jackson,  Skyy, Biggie, Tupac, and A Tribe Called Quest, to now.

It’s hard for me to just list a couple because every artist that I come across inspires me in some form of way. I always respected and loved the hardcore realistic flow that Jadakiss introduced to the game and was fascinated by how fast Busta Rhymes would rap. I always wanted to be in the same space as Missy Elliot and Timbaland because of the style of music they brought to the music game and how much I absolutely LOVED Aaliyah with her futuristic but sensual style.

If I had to list three artists that helped shape my image I would say Aaliyah, Ciara, and Missy Elliot. I don’t like being placed in one bubble when it comes to genres and styles of music and they inspired me to play with my sensual style but still giving the hardcore edge that someone like Lil Kim or Nicki Minaj would do. Newer artists, such as Rihanna (my fav), Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Nas, and so much more gave me the push to go for it and I hope to cross pathways with all of them some day.

Your new single, ‘Breeze’, feels like a “girl power” anthem, and the video further promotes this feeling. At what point in your life did you realise that we as women don’t have to rely on anyone but ourselves to be complete?

Wow what a good question. Well for starters, I want to say that although I’ll always root for my girls I want the guys to relate to this feeling as well as I know everyone has come across some form of betrayal or pain that they wanted to alleviate themselves from. No one should ever feel validated based on what someone else says and should always feel empowered from within no matter who it is.

As a woman, I carry myself with an independent spirit and always stay true to my character and at some point in my life I realized that I don’t need any friends to feel like I “belong”. It helps that I talk to myself (and I don’t care how anyone feels about that) to get through my days and doing that helps to understand me.

Veve C - Breeze (Official Music Video)

The video for ‘Breeze’ sees you in a wedding dress, then later you’re in more relaxed attire, and then finally you’re having some self-care, pampering yourself with a bath and a face pack. How much of the story in the video is based on your real life? Often when we are bent on achieving our goals, we lose focus of everything else – Do you take time out to chill, relax and regroup?

I wanted to symbolize the meaning of my ‘Breeze’ lyrics by wearing outfits that resembled that and I wanted to show different elements of how I would look like being at peace. I always write my lyrics based on my real life experiences so everything I wrote I went through.

One verse talked about what I wrote in my diary that said I was “thin, ugly, idiot, patched kid, etc.). The reason why I said patched kid with no hair was because I was undergoing an OCD condition called “trichotillomania” at the time that I was a senior in high school. For those who don’t know, “trichotillomania” means to pull out your own hair and I was dealing with that from 10th grade (2012) up until the end of 2019 and it was one of the hardest obstacles I had to overcome because it affected my self-esteem. I always carried myself with the utmost confidence but deep down I was depressed. I wanted my lyrics to show that I’m no longer in that dark space anymore and THANKFULLY I no longer have that issue!

We’re just coming out of two years of the Covid-19 pandemic. How has this time affected you and your music?

Honestly, it didn’t change that much for me personally because I was still working throughout the COVID pandemic as I work at a healthcare facility and I never stopped working. It might’ve helped my younger brother to create more beats and focus better on engineering; however we slowed down on creating music since we had COVID in January 2022 and I focused more on my modelling and acting ventures since then. I’m still writing music in hopes that we can record more music soon but I think the COVID pandemic slowed down the process more than anything.

What can fans expect next from Veve?

Besides my ‘Veveology’ album that came out in September 2021, there will be another album coming out soon with some new hits coming your way (anticipating to come out this year in 2022) that could potentially create some buzz in the music industry (at least I hope lol). In addition to that, I will be doing some collaborations with other talented artists and I will be featured in a couple films such as, ‘The Flaws In Our Eyes’, that will be coming out soon. Finally, I’m still walking for different fashion shows throughout the country and hosting my own fashion show called ‘Bling Boss 2022 Fashion Show’ on July 30 through my soon-to-be organization, ‘Bling Boss Organization’. Lots of different surprises to come!!!

Finally, and I ask this question of everyone I interview, what question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does? And what’s the answer to that question?

This is a tricky question but I don’t think no one asked about the hardships I faced that helped develop me as an artist and why I do so many other things aside from music. I answered one regarding the trichotillomania condition I used to have but I also underwent major depression in high school to the point where I wasn’t motivated to apply for any scholarships and found myself to slack off more being that I’m typically an A student.

Broken friendships are normal but how mine happened became controversial to the school because everyone found out about my patchy hair when my wig was pulled off my head after a heated argument with my ex-best friend. I wrote pieces of this situation in my ‘Breeze’ song but I wanted to reflect in a more positive light from what happened.

When it comes to my other ventures, I want people to know that I’m more than just a performing artist and I have multiple talents that I feel separates myself from other talented artists that you know in the game today. Not only do I understand being in front of the camera but I have experience working behind the camera as well and I self-produce the majority (if not all) of my works.

I love being innovative in my styles and having multiple belts helps give me the slight edge to “stand out” from the crowd (and I’m goofy as well).

Find out more about Veve C and her music online on Home Cave Records, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. You can read our review of ‘Breeze’ here.

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DJ Slammed for Song Choice for Prom Queen in Wheelchair



With more than 2 billion streams on Spotify, Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” is undeniably a classic love song. However, a viral video on TikTok proves that there are times when the ballad is clearly not an appropriate choice for a slow dance.

TikTok user Celeste Orozco, who posts under the handle @celesteiliana__, shared a video of her friend’s first dance to the song as prom queen. However, the opening line — “When your legs don’t work like they used to before” — seemed to draw an instant reaction from the rest of the audience as the prom queen was in a wheelchair.

“A prom queen crowning moment to remember,” Orozco wrote in the caption that accompanied the awkward clip.

“This would haunt me for the rest of my life if [I] were the DJ,” text overlaid on the video reads.

Check it out below:

Orozco’s video went absolutely viral on the app. It amassed more than 17.7 million views and three million likes. Thousands of people took to the comments section, including the alleged prom queen herself.

“Hey everyone so this is me lol,” a woman who identifies as Sarah Mendenhall wrote. “I found it really funny and ironic. I didn’t know what was playing until way after cause I was tryna dance.”

Orozco replied that they “had a great prom night and a good laugh about it the next day.” In another comment, they referred to Mendenhall as a close friend. “She’s been through sm and always finds the humor in it. Please stop with the hate.”

Others who commented on the clip weighed in on the DJ and their poor song choice.

“I’d quit right then and there man,” someone recommended.

“Im a wedding dj.. ouch,” another wrote. “We can’t know every lyric to every song but d–n.”

“I doubt that was the DJ’s intention. And most likely this song was picked prior to announcing the winner,” someone opined.

“The dj was slipped a $20 to play that by the girl who came in second place,” another TikTok user joked.

“The DJ is gonna be telling this story forever,” yet another added.

The New York Post noted that the video clip is from 2017.

Songs That Dominated the Billboard Charts

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Adele Borrows a Pride Flag From a Fan In the Audience at Her Show



A fan took to Twitter to document his experience after Adele borrowed his Pride flag for a concert over the weekend.

The “Hello” superstar took the stage in London for a series of festival performances in Hyde Park. The shows corresponded with Pride, and Adele was apparently looking for a Pride flag to use during her set.

In a heartwarming thread about “the most random night of my life,” Twitter user @DeanWilliam said that the legendary singer’s team spotted him in the audience with a flag wrapped around his shoulders and asked to borrow it.

He originally had a general admission ticket for the show, but he and a friend had their tickets upgraded after he agreed to loan the flag. The pair were enjoying the festival in the luxury of the Diamond VIP section when Adele surprised them with an even more impressive upgrade.

“After two songs the MOST BIZARRE moment of my life happened,” he wrote. “[Adele], in front of 65,000 people asks where Jack and Dean are and calls us over the barrier!” He said that hit-maker “wanted to give us the best seats in the house.”

The duo got to watch up close and personal, and the night continued to get better. Adele performed “When We Were Young” while wrapped in the loaned flag. “I cried,” he wrote about the emotional experience.

“To end the most magical, perfect, mind-blowing pride [Adele] sung Love Is A Game, looked at us directly in the eyes and blew us a kiss,” @DeanWilliam said. “I’ll never forget this night and this pride.”

While the Twitter user didn’t initially have a video of the moment Adele called him and his friend closer to the stage, he said that someone sent one his way. Check out his thread and watch the clip below:

Adele included a photo of herself wrapped in a Pride flag in a series of photos on Instagram after her weekend of performances.

“My heart is absolutely full!! I’ll never forget these shows with you, slap bang in the middle of London, outdoors, during Pride weekend,” she wrote in the accompanying caption. The “Easy On Me” singer thanked her team, fans and everyone involved.

Check out the pics below:


Why Does Everyone Love Adele?

If there’s one fact that can be basically agreed upon, it’s that Adele is universally considered a treasure. The singer is one of the few sure things in the music industry, raking in awards, breaking all kinds of records and establishing herself in a class all her own ever since the release of her debut single, “Hometown Glory,” back in 2008.

Below, we’ve rounded up all the reasons the iconic Adele is so universally adored, from her undeniable voice and talent to her unrivaled sense of humor and unique place in the pantheon of 21st century celebs.

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Jedward Save The Best For Last With Incredible Glasgow Show At G2 The Garage



It’s almost like a homecoming whenever Jedward perform in Glasgow. Sure, they’re from Dublin, and still live there, and the vast majority of their work since the start of their career started has been in London; but Glasgow is where it all began, with them first stepping out onto the X Factor stage and John saying, “Glasgow! How you feeling tonight!”

And even though that was a very long time ago – 13 years even – Glasgow certainly took John and Edward to their hearts, and their love was evident last night when they performed at G2 at The Garage, in Sauchiehall Street.

While the set list for the show was much the same as the previous two, there were some distinct Scottish elements, including a rousing all audience rendition of The Proclaimers’ classic, ‘500 Miles’, a snippet of The Bay City Rollers’ hit, ‘Bye Bye Baby’, and a drink of a can of Irn Bru.

Edward drinking Irn Bru – Photo Credit: Lisa Hafey

Many fans had travelled to Glasgow for last night’s show, quite a lot had attended all three, while some went directly from Manchester, due to not having got tickets for London, or choosing to have a break in between. Still others attended London and Glasgow back to back; but regardless of how many concerts or which the fans attended, they were there, reunited, as if the three long years since they’d seen each other, and of course their faves, John and Edward. While the Jedward fandom is largely social-media based, with their fans making firm friendships with other likeminded people from all over the world, there’s no substitute for meeting in person. Having said that, many of the audience shared their view of the show on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, so those who couldn’t make it would still be able to feel part of the community. Much has been said about Jedward, but for those who *get* them, and *love* them, they become like family, and this extends to the fans too. While the fans all know each other, John and Edward know, or at least try to know, each and every one of them. The Jedward fandom is in essence actually a multitude of different, individual fandoms, with each having their own relationship with the twins, that might be slightly different to everyone else’s, but no less valid.

There’s no greater example of this relationship than their meet and greets that happen before each show. These started last night shortly after 4pm, and were still going at nearly 7. Never once did they slow down, or complain about how many people were there, but instead, they remembered personal points about each person, and chatted, while photos were taken. They gave each person their own experience, and made them feel special. After all, they’ve not seen us for 3 years either!

Special mention must go to the two girls who won tickets to last night’s show courtesy of a competition on Jedward’s TikTok account. The pair were so keen to be in the front row that they stood outside for the 3 hours of the meet and greets, just to be at the barricade. That’s Jedication!

Jedward mentioned that there will be further concerts in November. With their fifth album set for release this autumn, there’s certainly a lot of Jedward content on the horizon, and we can’t wait!

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