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What Makes Ibanez Special – Ultimate Guide To Ibanez Guitars – Essentially Pop



Are you considering buying a guitar? Are you considering an Ibanez guitar? Well, we have the guide just for you! Ibanez guitars are a very popular brand of guitars that were initially manufactured in Japan and have gained recognition all around the world.

Famous guitarists such as Joe Satriani use Ibanez, so there is something about them that makes them special. In this guide, we will explore exactly that!

•    Superstrat

Ibanez is most well known for their “superstrat” body shape that helped them gain a lot of popularity during the 80s among heavy metal and hard rock guitar players. Ibanez guitars have the reputation of being used exclusively for the heavy metal genre, and Ibanez guitars are known as shredding guitars.

Although they are primarily used and known for the metal genre, you can play anything from jazz to soul music on Ibanez guitars; the only thing that matters is the guitarist’s skillset!

•    Cost-Effective

Another reputation that Ibanez has that it is very affordable, which makes it a perfect candidate for a beginner’s guitar if you’re unsure what to buy or if you just want an affordable option.

Ibanez beginners’ guitars range from £100-£350. Although Ibanez has this affordable reputation, their higher-end models can really be expensive and all the way up to £1800!

•    Comfortable

Ibanez guitars have an amazing ergonomic design, with skinny and comfy necks that make them very comfortable and easy to use. They are usually very lightweight too, which adds to the level of comfort, and also have a terrific tone with a very good pick up.

It can be said that the comfort that is offered by Ibanez is engrained into every little detail and every single aspect of an Ibanez guitar. From their fretboard width to shape to girth, the thought into the design of an Ibanez guitar is immense, hence making it a guitar that easy to use and impossible to put down!

•    What Makes Them So Playable

They have “fast necks,” which makes them the perfect guitar for shredding, and their necks are also flat, which promotes the idea of professional line leads and gives you a better chance at succeeding at that.

The strings of a Ibanez guitar are very light, which allows you to experiment with them more and practice different kinds of techniques with them. This makes Ibanez adventurous guitars that are worthy of experimentation and finding new and bold ideas.

It is the playability of the Ibanez guitars, alongside their extreme comfort, that makes them the perfect guitar if you are starting out.

•    Comparisons

While being compared to other popular guitars, Ibanez is known as a much lighter, less bulky, and even cheaper option. It is also associated exclusively with heavy metal at times due to its incredible shredding abilities, but this also pigeonholes Ibanez into ONLY being a heavy metal guitar.

This kind of exclusivity is not shared with other famous guitar brands, and it’s simply not true for Ibanez, as Ibanez is perfect for technically challenging music overall, such as jazz, and that is why many famous guitarists use Ibanez!

At the End

All in all, Ibanez is a great and versatile brand, with very affordable and comfortable options. So if you want to invest in one of their amazing options, what are you waiting for? Get your Ibanez guitar as soon as possible!

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DICI Takes Us From ‘Left to Right’ With New Rap Single



DICI has been in our sights for only this year, but this incredibly prolific artist has been pumping out hit after hit. His latest single, ‘Left To Right’, will be welcomed by his fans, who are already more than 100,000 strong on TikTok alone.

DICI has been making music for two short years, and it’s certainly been a whirlwind for the artist, who’s gone from avid music fan playing with Pro Tools in the privacy of his own room, to the global rap phenomenon his today.

Blending powerhouse beats with hypnotic flows, DICI creates complex lyrical masterpieces, and ‘Left To Right’ is no exception. He focuses on themes of love, culture, personal struggles, and above all, triumphs, the resulting songs being relatable to a wide audience. Additionally, his entrepreneurial talents allow him to mould and remould his image as and when required, a formula which has seen him rise to international stardom, and become the voice of a generation.

In the video for ‘Left To Right’, DICI is shown surrounded by 60s cars and stunning models, showing that he has moved into a new era, one inspired by the fast life of other rap stars. With free flowing bars and chilled out beats, DICI and his dancers shine a light on the new luxurious lifestyle he is allowed, by virtue of having created his own musical empire. Directed by award-winning Brian Bayerl, who is a frequent DICI collaborator, the clip is a high quality visual that lifts the track to the highest of highs, and should ensure it is as successful as the artist’s previous releases.

Find out more about DICI on his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, and watch the video for ‘Left To Right’ below.

DICI- Left to Right (Official Video)

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Sonic Rebel Has ‘This Vibe’ With New Dance Track – Listen To The Tyler Stone Extended Remix



Tammy Hurt’s one woman project, Sonic Rebel, sees the Atlanta based percussionist throw open all the windows and all the doors when it comes to musical genre, not just blending, but full on juxtaposing house with hip-hop, modern pop with electro-soul, prog rock with 80s video game style chip tunes. What makes it all come together though is when she sits down at the drums, with her latest track, ‘This Vibe’, she is fully in charge of what is laid down on the record.

In normal times Tammy Hurt has been an in-demand drummer, working with The Indigo Girls, Van Hunt, members of Grouplove, Brendan O’Brien, Nick DiDia, and many others, laying down an irresistible beat, whether it be for a folk-rock track or a pop-soul tune. Genres are no barrier for her, so while in Covid-19 lockdown, isolated physically from other musicians, she let it all out, pushing any and all boundaries, with only her imagination to guide her.

The result was the album, ‘We Made This With Our Hands’, and it attracted the interest of other experimenters, who wanted to re-interpret her recordings. Tammy took control and enlisted one of the best in the business for the transformation of the single, ‘This Vibe’. Tyler Stone is herself a pioneer, one of the first female artists to distinguish herself as a producer of house music; her mix of ‘This Vibe’ doesn’t play too hard and fast with the fibres of ‘This Vibe’, but it pull it onto the dance floor, pouring a dreamlike radiance over all.

With the clip for ‘This Vibe’, we see shifting and pulsating shapes oozing and enveloping the screen; directed by LazerShark, we are reminded of vintage VHS tapes, as well as glitching computer imagery. It’s a digital future attached to a digital past. Within the swirling pixels come patterns that evoke images of faces, bodies, tunnels…and other almost hallucinatory effects. It’s a vibe.

You can watch the video for ‘This Vibe’ below, and check out our interview with Sonic Rebel here. Find out more about Sonic Rebel and her music online on her official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Sonic Rebel - This Vibe (Tyler Stone Extended Mix) Stereo Mix

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Scientologists Attempt to Recruit Phoebe Bridgers Fans at Concert



A group of fans waiting in line for a Phoebe Bridgers concert were approached to join the Church of Scientology earlier this week.

When TikTok user @cottagecoreboyscout, real name Amelia, lined up for the “Moon Song” singer’s Tampa, Fla. show at 9:30AM Tuesday (May 24) at The Cuban Club, she had no idea the queue would become an impromptu recruitment center.

“The Scientology building is next to the Phoebe venue and they have started infiltrating,” she wrote over footage of a woman wearing a face mask approaching the line with a handful of pamphlets in tow.

The recruiter handed out “free personality tests” with a card that read, “Limited time: oxford capacity analysis.” The pamphlet also promised that “in just one hour you can test the 10 key personality traits that determine your future success and happiness, and find out how to improve them. Give yourself the knowledge of you.”

“Live Love Tampa. This is going in the scrapbook,” Amelia captioned the clip.

Watch below:

In the comments section, other TikTok users alleged Scientologists often attempt to recruit new members outside of concert venues and other events. Many users shared their own stories.

“They also decided to infiltrate Tampa Pride last year,” one user claimed.

“They once told me they’d hold my spot in line if I wanted to go check it out,” someone else wrote, to which another user responded, “They tried to get us to come watch a film when I was waiting for BMTH … they kept saying we have air conditioning! Come watch a short movie!”

In a comment, Amelia shared an update, revealing some of the fans in line ended up taking the test. “…It was scary,” she wrote, adding, “They knew phoebe’s demographic and POUNCED.”

Others discussed their experience at the same Bridgers show in the comments section, too.

“They handed out QR codes without saying a word around door time. [Cue] me screaming ‘DO NOT SCAN THE QR CODE KIDS PLZ DO NOT!!'” one user wrote, while another recalled “that person handing out cards was STILL working that line even at almost 8:30. I turned my back when she walked up to me.”

Scientology was created in 1953 by L. Ron Hubbard, who was a sci-fi author. Over the years, the religion has been likened to a cult. The King of Queens star Leah Remini famously created a documentary series concerning the aftermath of leaving the organization. Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath first aired in 2016.

Celebrities With Links to Scientology

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